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How do you like the NXT invasion?+ EWS Signups?

I think the WWE can make this a good storyline.

Here are the signups for my E-Fed. I still need more members and EWS hasn't started yet until I get enough members. I am a great writer and have written some matches for THW before. Anyone who joins will be highly appreciated.

Wrestling Name:

Attire: (Optional)





Championship to go for:


Moveset:You may choose a wrestler's moveset.

Brand: Retribution or Wresolution

Wrestling Ability:You may choose Technical, High-Flyer, Powerhouse, Brawler, Dirty(you may be face with this like Eddie Guerrero was. low blows and uses weapons behind the ref's back and etc.), etc. You may add stuff if you like.

Retrubution Titles

EWS Evolution Title

EWS Aliance Titles (Tag team)

EWS Vixen Title (Women Title)

EWS Nitro Title (Mid-Carder)

Wresolution Titles

EWS Undisputed Title

EWS Unlimated Title (Can be won anywhere anytime)

EWS Elite Title (Women Title)

EWS Attitude Title

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    Jay Savage

    red tights like aj styles.



    Youtube thumbnail

    like the heel randy orton like in 2006


    Brain Buster,Superpelx,Lariat Clothesline,Big Boot,High Knee Lift,PIiledriver,Back Stabber,Moonsault,Alabama Slam ,Swinging Neckbreaker.

    Savage Bomb (gut wrench power bomb ) and Boston Crab


    EWS Undisputed Title

    Source(s): the future of EWS is here!!!!!!
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    Wrestling Name:Extreme Enigma


    Theme:Ridin Solo Chorus

    Gimmick:Uncontrolable Monster

    Signature(s):Stunner and Spear

    Finsher(s):RKO and Swanton Bomb

    Championship To Go For:EWS Attitude Title


    Jeff Hardys Moveset


    Wrestling Abilty:Extreme,Hardcore and High Flyer

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    10 years ago

    Well It's Made Wwe Raw Much More Watchable

  • The NXT Invasion storyline is very interesting and something that could definitely help Raw's ratings.

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