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Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer vs Physicians Formula Healthy Wear tinted moisturizer?

i do not know which one to get- all i want is to even out my skin tone because my face got tan (unfortunately) so my face has like 7 different colors in it. since i am korean, i have a yellow undertone. i am only 13 which is why i do not want to put on foundation. i am not acne prone and i rarely get pimples. but after reading countless reviews, i don't know which one to get- Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer or the Physicians Formula Healthy Wear tinted moisturizer. (i'm pretty damn tan now because i was out in the sun for 7 hours). so which one and what shade? and i do not own any brushes or any kind of powder because i'm only 13! (also if you have tried the neutrogena one, please tell if it comes off if you touch your face, thank you:)

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    Oh my goodness, go PF healthy wear all the way! I tried N's Healthy Skin Enhancer a while ago and HATED IT. It melted and it wasn't even and it made my skin look oily and gross! BUT, about 4 days ago I tried PF Healthy wear and I LOVE IT! It is the most PERFECTING foundation I have ever used, and I'm 18! So I've used plenty of other brands in my life including Covergirl, neutrogena, estee lauder, ect...

    If you get PH's (which you should) then get the darkest color it comes in (which is natural to tan). I just apply it with my fingers, I'm assuming you can do the same.

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    Great question ! I have both and they are both great !!

    For you I would recommend the Physicians Formula because I do think it's a slight more sheer than the Neutrogena.

    Hope this helps !

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    a tinted moisturizer won't cover up any pimples, all it does is even out your skin if you have the tiniest bit of discoloration.

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