can that be the best pain killer ?

I want to make a pain remover tablet that its particles covered with substance that it can only be absorbed( and that layer mast be really thick to prevent its complete decomposition the digestive system) by a center of a anything like center of leg at the brain so when I take that tablet it will go through the digestive system and get to brain through blood and only the leg center at the brain accept it and the leg center in the brain get completely narcotized and it wont send any action to legs and won't accept any pain at it ,so I wont feel anything there event I couldn't move event I get a hummer and smashed my legs


and if a patient will die 100% and I want him to die in peace ,I will just make that tablet but for the pain center in the brain

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    that would be an amazing pain killer, if you can make such a thing...WOW

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