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Is it good that our military leader has such a low opinion of Obama?

McChrystal voted for Obama but now has little regard for him as commander-in-chief. Is that good for Obama, who has numerous people in his administration that have a disregard for the military as well?

Update 2:

He's having to fight a PC war, being forbidden to respond to the enemy in most circumstances.


Update 3:

Did FDR insist that McArthur not hurt the ppl who were hiding the enemy?

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    I think, given the fact that Obama doesn't show a whole lot of love for his country, that it is appropriate.

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    Obamunist does not like the military, McChrystal has both training and experience on how the military should operate. Then along comes the incompetent, empty suit, US hating clown, who has his own agenda for the country and the world. The good General has a hard time accepting the ineptness of his supposed Commander in Chief. Help him out and vote conservative in Nov.

  • Curt J
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    10 years ago

    Good? Not necessarily.

    Honest? Absolutely.

    A shame that Clinton issued a Presidential Directive that makes it a military crime for a military member to criticize the President? Tragic.

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  • 4 years ago

    More Democrats have served in the military than Republicans. Bush Jr and Romney had their rich daddies help them avoid the draft. There has been only one Republican president in the past 100 years that has served in the military. They love starting wars and sending other people's poor kids.

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    The man is there in the arena and on the ground afoot. Who better would know what is and is not needed there. While a Commander is required to support his Commander-in-Chief, if you have a CIChief who does not know his responsibility when it comes to duties in War nor does his Vice President, I see nothing wrong with a Commander or Officer disagreeing with them as long as he carries out their demands. If he is persistent in his disagreeing, he must resign his post as he cannot carry out their demands. BUT NEVER APOLOGIZE for disagreeing as to save face or save job.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    No but his opinion is only a reflection of what most of the military feels...we're entitled to our opinion like everyone else...he jus shouldnt have got caught wit his people saying whatever in the public eye. Anyone can talk about their boss if they so please...jsut cant get caught.

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    General McChrystal is da man!

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    He can't express that since he as a US military officer has to respect the office of POTUS.

    However, it's no secret that the military does not like Obama. Obama needs to be called out on his crappy "leadership" of the military.

  • Connie
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    10 years ago

    Yes....people that were blindsided before may open up their eyes now to the real Obama.........

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    McCrystal didn't say these things, his aide did, and he was put up to it by Glenn Beck or some other Wall Street shill afraid Obama will end the war and deprive them of all their pork.

    That's called Treason and Sedition, and I look forward to the day Glenn Beck is led away in chains.

    Source(s): The best quote you guys have is "I was selling an unsellable product." What the hell does that even mean? LOL!
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