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Car brakes making high pitched noise?

I got a 2010 toyota rav4. 9000 miles. ABS brakes

Recently, when i start braking, the brakes start making a high pitched noise, then when i push the brake pedal deeper, it stops... is this normal?? HELP!


im 16 too =P

Alright, im going to toyota today =)

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    brakes are metallic, rotors are metal. two metal surfaces running against each other will cause friction & sometimes 'polish' the surfaces of the brakes and rotors, causing a squealing sound.

    or your brakes are vibrating & causing a pitch from high frequency virbrations. either way it shoul dbe under warranty so just bring it into the dealer

    the metal wear strip will sound more screeching like nails on a chalkboard and the sound won't go away if you press harder on the brakes

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    High Pitch Squeal When Braking

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    Probably brakes, usually with a vehicle with that little miles the tabs on the brakes, must of been set wrong in assembly. Or if is was a used vehicle when you bough it someone could of been driving around with a trailer on it, and that would of ate the brakes quick and you need to replace them. IF the noise stops when you press deep than for sure is the tabs on your brakes that are making noise, usually if is cheap brakes or steel brakes they are noisy until the car comes to a stop.

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    Its not normal and they arent grinding but you do need to get it in to get looked at. It sounds like you need new brake pads.

    There is a curved piece of metal on the pads that curves towards the rotor and its only function is to rub against the rotor and squeal when the pads get too thin.

    If you wait much longer they will start to grind and this could damage your rotors and they are much more expensive that just pads.

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    There is a piece of steel attached to your brake pads that starts to rub and make that noise when your brakes have worn beyond a certain point. Its time for a brake job.

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    God im a 16 year old girl and even i know that's normal, you brakes might need adjusting, or you may be braking to fast.

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    there r wear sensors that go on when brakes r worn..stop when you put brake on...go have them looked at.. its in your owners manual of your new car,,,go to toyota today...

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    Your breaks are grinding, you need to take the car in and get them looked at before they cause some damage

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