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BMX Restore Part fitting help?

I have an Old Dyno vfr I want to replace everything on it.

Will any parts fit on this bike?

I know the seat post has to be the right size 22.2

I know pedal size depends on if on how many piece's your crank is.

But what about the Crank and headset Are they all the same size? or do they have different sizes?

Also I have ACS MAG's can I change the hubs and freewheel/cog on these?

Any info would be good info Thank you

Thank you

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    1. Crank size is a matter of personal opinion. Most BMX bikes use 180 mm length, but that also depends on whether you go with a 1-piece or 3-piece crank. 3-piece is always the right decision, and that will leave you with 9/16" pedals, which is ideal.

    2. Headset is standard 1 1/8".

    3. You can change the hubs on any wheels, but it requires rebuilding, which is a timely and expensive task. These days, unless you're dealing with really high quality parts, buying new wheels is almost always a better value than rebuilding.

    4. Yes, you can change the freewheel/cog to whatever you want. Especially if you get new hubs and/or wheels.

    Source(s): 7 years as a bicycle mechanic.
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