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How do you thoroughly clean an apartment when moving out?

I have to clean my one bedroom apartment with my husband by Wednesday morning because we're moving out. Our landlord will most like be extremely picky with the smallest thing so he can keep as much security deposit as possible. Of course, we don't want that at all! Can anybody give me some advice to how to clean our apartment to where it is absolutely pristine, spotless, and in perfect condition?


Our security deposit is 2,200 so we do not want to lose anything! :(

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    As a former apartment manager, it is not necessary to shampoo carpets when you leave, since we always professionally vacuum and shampoo carpets and repaint for the next tenant. We are required to replace the carpet after the apartment has been rented several times in the past. Just vacuum well, and spot clean any obvious stained areas, if necessary. Fill any large nail holes where you have hung pictures, mirrors and such.

    Be sure to clean the stove, including oven, burners, and the pan drawer, and exterior. Remove and clean the kitchen vent fan filters. Soak in hot soapy water until all grease is removed and then rehang. Remove any shelf paper and wash the inside and outside of all kitchen and bathroom shelves (Johnson's Oil Soap is great for this since it leaves a clean smell and nice sheen on cabinets.)

    Clean and wash the refrigerator and freezer with some plain baking soda or white vinegar. Run the dishwasher with some white vinegar to clean and disinfect. If you have a washer and dryer, clean those as well--inside and out. It helps to run some bleach through the washer to disinfect--and wash the barrel of the dryer well. Do a quick cleaning of windows on the inside, and outside if you can reach them, and mirrors in the bathroom. Also do a quick vacuum of the heat/air unit closet.

    Scrub the bathroom VERY well. Clean and vacuum all closets--top to bottom.

    The one thing that would really get us and cost you money--is leaving a filthy oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer, dryer, holes in the walls or doors, burned places in the carpet, and grime that was caked on the tub, shower, toilet bowl, shelves.

    Be sure and vacuum AFTER the movers have left to remove any residual dirt. Ask the manager to come and critique while you are there. Do this, and you'll have the best possible chance of getting your money back.

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    I have owned and operated several rental properties. To get every penny of your deposit back I advise the following:

    Make sure you repair anything you have damaged (screens, lights (replace bulbs), appliances/fixtures that came with the apartment, etc.)

    If your apartment came with a fridge and oven then make sure they are very clean, otherwise the landlord will likely hire someone to clean them and charge you.

    Clean the carpet/rugs. I recommend Folex (it is white with purple lettering and can be found at home depot and walmart in the household cleaning department). Folex is great for spot cleaning or add it to a steam cleaner to make the carpet look brand new. Folex is cheap and works better than any other product on the market (in my opinion).

    Fill in any holes in the wall (from nails, tacs, etc.) with a lightweight spackle putty.

    Clean the bathroom and the inside of the windows. Open the windows, turn on fans, and spray deodorizer to remove any lingering smells in your apartment. If the basics are clean then it gives the overall impression that all is well. Whereas, if things are dirty then your landlord is more likely to scrutinize the whole place.

    Your landlord makes money by renting your place not by keeping security deposits. A landlord's top priority is to get the unit rented again as quick as possible. If your apartment is in the condition so that someone could move right into your place after you move out then your landlord will be happy and refund your deposit.

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    How do you thoroughly clean an apartment when moving out?

    I have to clean my one bedroom apartment with my husband by Wednesday morning because we're moving out. Our landlord will most like be extremely picky with the smallest thing so he can keep as much security deposit as possible. Of course, we don't want that at all! Can anybody give me some...

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    I like Just A Girl's answer. But I would move everything out and start in the farthest room from the front door and work towards it. Swiffer the ceilings and walls but with the dry cloth (the wet ones make a mess on the walls) and clean the carpets, vacuum everything, and scrub the bathrooms really good. Clean everywhere on the windows and on top of the doors (wipe those down too).

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    You don't have to wash the walls but just about everything else should get cleaned. Patch any nails holes with drywall compound, Make sure to clean the appliances, If something is broke or needs any repair he may charge you for not notifying him beforehand. Unless you've stained the carpet, just vacuum it. Make sure the windows are clean.Do not leave anything behind because he will charge for removal. Have Him inspect it before you leave and ask if it is acceptable. The closer you can get it to looking good the better.

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    My apartment was filthy when I moved in. I don't think they care. We had to get the carpets cleaned and there were dead bugs everywhere ect......

    If the carpets are filthy, get them cleaned. It's really noticeable if you have a dirty carpet and a freshly clean carpet makes the place seem cleaner.

    Just scrub the counters and rub stuff down, dust, know, regular cleaning.

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    more than likely, the landlord withh cleanthe carpets and walls and give the apartment a good serface cleaning before its rented to a new tennant. you can clean all you like but in all likelihood, thats what will happen. it you have to pay, it probably be about 100 dollars. i wouldnt worry about it too much unless you need the deposit for the rent on your new place.

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    Look at the state laws, Tenant/Landlord part for your state. Usually a good window cleaning, baseboards, door jams, and a vacuum will suffice.

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    Vacuum the carpets, mop the tiles,lino, spray and wipe the windows down...

    Clean any cobwebs in the corners and clean any marks off the walls and cupboards.

    There is only so much you can do really.

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    Make sure it's in the same condition as when you moved in..One small tip, have the carpets shampooed & save the receipt to prove you had them done.=)

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