Why do ppl hate Twilight?

like some ppl just completely flat out hate twilight because its "gay" give me a good reason why u hate it so much i mean what did the books do to your life to make you hate it so much and dont say cuz its a book i hate all books or cuz its gay or its retarted or because im different and since everybody likes it i wont those are just stupid reasons and if you havnt read the books then you will have no chance at getting the 10 pts

I am a huge twilight fan i just dont understand the reason so i want to know

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    They probably just get tired of it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Twilight's characters are not real vampires; which are human monsters, not pretty lovers. They are to be feared.

    2. Twilight made vampires look like anti-heroes, which they are not.

    3. Twilight turned vampires into a young girl's fantasy... which would be okay if I hadn't been a young girl when this book came out.

    4. Twilight is a very boring book. I couldn't read it. And this was before we got the internet modem installed in my home. So had nothing to do but read.

    5. I felt very awkward reading those descriptions about Edward.

    6. And lastly, how could you like a book that talks about how beautiful, and strong, etc, a 17-year-old boy is until near the end of the book? If I wanted that, I would've went hunting for it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Because of the extreme fairy tale romance and plain characters. I read Twilight (one of the first books I read that I didn't have to) a good while ago before the movie craze and I liked it, when I heard the movie was being made I went back to re-read it (mind you I had a collection of books by that time) and it was horrible. I'm not saying that non-readers only love it but there is a certain far fetched fantasy about it that I, along with a lot of other people, just can't get into. After reading it again, the characters lacked a big personality, deep motives, or even common sense sometimes, the movie made that even more apparent to me. I'm not a fan of mary-sues and Bella is the exact definition of one. Her and Edward's love doesn't exactly seem like love in my opinion, it seems sort of shallow and skin deep. Forgot his name, but the father figure for the vampires comes off as a pedophilia lover promoting incest. Alice needs Ritalin and Edward seems like the hugest bedazzled manipulative douche on the planet. Jacob is just the dumb rebound who doesn't seem like he has a brain that comprehends anything beyond,

    Edward=wishy washy hate

    Bella=unquestionable love

    What you can call my hate for the book actually came from the craze that followed it. I could careless about what's going on with it but, when it's forced in my face every five minutes and whored around like it's the greatest piece of literature on earth, then it bothers me. In my opinion of course, there are a handful of vampire/romance books out there that I would love for everyone to read (try the Immortality Bites series, same cuteness that is Twilight but more evil blood thirsty vampires and scary werewolves and hunters) and Twilight isn't on that list. I would much rather those be whored around and forced in my face because I could watch movies inspired by them without wanting to throw up. There are a lot of people who hate for stupid reasons that they can't even explain and all I can tell you is to each his own. Some people like stuff some people don't. Me...I don't

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  • 1 decade ago

    Because the writing is clunky, repetitive, melodramatic and reads like laughably bad fanfic, what little plot it has is full of holes, the lead character is a cliched Mary-Sue, the entire book is just a badly-constructed one-dimensional wish-fulfilment fantasy with zero depth, it's repetitive, there is no character development whatsoever, it has a thinly-disguised conservative abstinence message, it's horribly sexist... and I could go on, believe me. So, yes, I have got very good and well-thought-out reasons for detesting Twilight, and yes, I have read it.

    Twilight has 'done nothing to my life', except for the fact that I will never get back the two and a half hours it took me to read it, but I do think it's a horrible, horrible influence on popular culture and has probably set literature back by about thirty years.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Since I've already answered this loads of times, I'm just going to copy and paste it from another question:

    First of all, I really dislike the lack of research Stephenie Meyer put into Twilight. It's a sign of a lazy writer, as if she doesn't care. Examples:

    - Fail Science: Meyer tried to make her vampires "scientific" by giving them scientific explanations, but they don't make sense, at all. The sparkling, Renesmee, the "eighth colour" Bella sees, all of it is ridiculous. Even though it is "fantasy", it takes place in the real world, not a fantastic one, so it is bound by real world rules. It would have been better if she just explained it by magic.

    - Fail Geography: Brazil doesn't have a west coast. Enough said.

    - Fail History: She made Rosalie's family rich during the Great Depression because her father was a banker. She made Carlisle tall for someone from his time, and made him hide out in the London sewers before London had any.

    The Story:

    - I dislike how whiny Bella is and how she treats her father. Stephenie Meyer says that Bella is mature, but she only shows the opposite.

    - I dislike how Stephenie Meyer focused on the relationship instead of a plot. She also gave Edward and Bella too much time in the spotlight, and forgot about finishing other characters' storylines, like Leah's or her friends'.

    - I dislike how unorginal the plot is. It's been done many times before.

    - I thought it was boring hearing about every little detail in Bella's life. There wasn't enough story.

    - I dislike how vain the characters are. Bella only seems to like Edward because he's "beautiful."

    - I dislike how Meyer makes humans out to be stupid. Bella only likes to hang out with her supernatural friends, for instance. Everyone else is boring to her.

    - The plot holes.

    - The really predictable love triangle. I knew Bella was going to end up with Edward, no question. The books made that really clear.

    - The love is more like obsessive lust and infatuation.

    The messages the books promote:

    - That women need men in order to be happy.

    - That University is unimportant.

    - That it's okay to let your boyfriend control you.

    The writing:

    - So much purple prose!

    - Words that don't make sense in the context they are used: chagrin, incandescent, scintillating, etc.

    - Too many em dashes. A normal book has less than twenty altogether. Twilight has hundreds.

    - Awkward sentences. Examples: "I stared without breathing across the long room." "It had been belonged to me since I was born." Many sentences are redundant. They read like, "I opened the door, grasping the handle and pulling it" or " 'What is it?' he asked questioningly". It gets really annoying.

    Stephenie Meyer herself:

    - She acts really immature, especially regarding Midnight Sun.

    - She compares her books and characters to classics and says that her''s are better.

    - She doesn't seem to give a damn about her fans.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I don't really hate Twilight but I don't like it either. I mean, I did before but now I don't. I think one logical explanation is that people who want to read vampire books don't like these kinds of topic. For me, it's really all about love with no main plot. Weel, for me, anyway. In book 1, it's about Bella wanting to be with Edward and the action scene was done at the end. If people want to read, every page is supposed to be exciting and...never mind. It's so hard to explain but let me tell you this, books is supposed to be a means of communication for author and reader and Bella being clumsy just shows that Stephenie Meyer is too, in someway or another.

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    1 decade ago

    the film is Dawson's Creek but with pretend vampires. It's soft entertainment that should be kept on tv like Buffy. Most adults with taste wont watch those tv shows. Watch Underworld and see why people hate Twilights...... if you are gonna do the wolf-vamp thing then do it well...... Twilight is too soft in believable story, acting (joke) and effects.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    People dislike the series because its the same problems,and its allways based on a love triangle of some sort,and bella is a over actor that uses the same face expressions over and over as if she such a teen brat.

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  • 1 decade ago

    the books take advantage of female readers imagining a plain girl (who is described in no detail at all) who is suddenly the love interest of the most gorgeous man she's ever seen who turns out to be a vampire or a werewolf, or whatever. that is the point of the books/movies. from there, the writing/acting are thrown out the window once the readers/viewers are drooling over edward/jacob. its like socially acceptable porn. dudes watch porn for one thing. the acting and writing and cinematography are terrible, but that's not what we're watching for. and the thrill of a 'good' book or movie is not what female readers/viewers watch/read twilight for, but they claim that it is so movie theaters don't have to own up to pretty much showing really soft-core porn on their screens.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Poor writing, a mass of plotholes, and a "romance" which is basically a twelve year old's dream of a crush on an adult celebrity being returned.

    I don't hate it. I hate that people go round telling children that the relationship it portrays is "mature" and "true love".

    And yes, I have read it. And New Moon.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Allot of guys don't like it because it can be classed as a "Romance" and guys aren't really into that Genre. I have nothing against it but i'm no fan either.

    I think its also because it has just been spammed. Now theres about a million vampire stories/movies that its just getting crazy so some people get annoyed by it being everywhere.

    Another reason may be that because girls are crazy about it, guys hate it because its all they ever hear about =D

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