Why did Daniel Coleman live? -Orphan?

Okay well I've saw the movie "ORPHAN", it was awesome! My favourite character is Daniel Coleman -their son. Well he was in the tree house while it was on fire, and he lived with some neck trauma from falling like 30 ft. Then Ester -his adopted "sister", Tryed to kill him again! By trying to suffocate him with a pillow, but is unsuccessful. He is revived by doctors. Later in the movie the dad says he will live. BUT the dad died and so its the sister, Max, the mom, and Daniel. Daniel didn't seem like a main character, but he lived in the movie. And the hospital scenes are the last scenes of him. So you don't know what will happen.

So can you tell me why did he live?? There has to be something significant about him? Well there is no 2nd movie so I won't find out. Maybe you know why he did. I know in the draft script he dies, but why did they change it??? Sorry if I confuse you...


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  • Karen
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    10 years ago
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    well Daniel is a survivor. he was taken to the hospital after his "fall" from the tree house. Esther attempted to smother him with a pillow, so she left his hospital room and he flatlined, that's when the nurses and doctors ran in and successfully revived him. then Esther went home with the dad and Max, while the mom was drugged and strapped to the hospital bed for her attack on Esther. So Esther had no need to kill Daniel since he was gonna be at the hospital for along time. He survived since he was at the hospital and the mom was on her way home to confront her husband about the truth of Esther. Esther and the dad are the only ones in that family who died.

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