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Does Xenical also block Cholesterol abosorbtion?

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    Xenical does not directly block the absorption of cholesterol, however, because it reduces fat absorption, it may have a minor impact on the absorption of cholesterol in the intestines, as some cholesterol consumed will be sequestered in the unabsorbed fat in the intestines that is excreted.

    Keep in mind however, that dietary cholesterol does significantly contribute to circulating cholesterol - your LDL and HDL. Most of the cholesterol in the body is directly synthesized by the liver, and it makes on a daily basis many, many times what you could get through your food.

    Xenical has been shown in trials to reduce cholesterol lab values, however, it does so through weight loss and caloric restriction - not by interfering with the cholesterol in food.

    Source(s): ThomsonHC DRUGDEX Xenical PI sheet
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    Xenical is an oral- prescription diet pill that can ensure people to loose weight and keep off from their extra body mass. Xenical diet pill works in our digestive system by jamming one third of the fat in the food we consume from being digested. In general, doctor prescribes three doses a day to get the desired result. A blend of controlled diet, workout and Xenical medication is a sure sort-way to attain fruitful weight loss. In accordance to the clinical trials about 30% of our fat is burnt each time we intake Xenical.

    A multivitamin supplement is usually recommended daily before or after taking the pill when on Xenical treatment. This happens because Xenical diet drug interferes with our body's absorption of certain fat-soluble multivitamins.

    You may witness some side effects such as changes in bowel routine during the first week of its usage. These changes may also consist of gas with oily discharge, increase in the number of bowel movements. The reason being that Xenical obstructs the assimilation of dietary fat. It is always recommended to consult your doctor before you embark upon.

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