1996 honda civic dx standard 1.6 mfi sohc not accelerating.?

i have checked all the fuel lines and before i check the pump or filter, i was wondering what else it could be.i recently replaced the radiator if that means anything.... it was getting hot, radiator cracked... but that shouldn't affect acceleration, right? it is also very loud, but i think that is just my pipe. PLEASE HELP.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Check the following;

    1. bad fuel pump

    2. bad fuel pump relay

    3. dirty fuel filter

    4. bad gas

    5. bad distributor

    6. ignition coil malfunctioning

    Have these check first. Your radiator has nothing to do with accelerating although if the cause of overheating is blown head gaskets, it could have and effect on the acceleration due to overheating engine. Hope this help!

    Source(s): Car enthusiast-Honda Car owner
  • John
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    10 years ago

    Ok man, your help has arrived. First lets start with the DX model is pretty much at the bottom of the civic line. Its the most basic, of ALL civics to put it nicely. Your radiator has nothing to do with your acceleration. That's just another problem that happened to have happen. The loudness you are describing is definitely a whole in your exhaust. Good news is that doesn't cost much to fix. Just go to Midas for a new pipe. Your looking at around 150 to 200 bucks. The acceleration on the other hand could be your injectors. Your car is over ten years old so it might be your injectors. Also swap out that fuel filter. Most people never change them and you should change it every 30k to 40k miles. Another thing is to check your air filter. If you haven't changed that paper filter change it for a K&N drop in filter. (Trust me). Also, its rare but your cat might be clogged causing huge back pressure on your exhaust. Last but not least the fuel pump. If all these are working I don't know what else to tell you. The last thing i can think of is your spark plugs. If you cant remember when you changed them they are probably burned out. Get some Bosch Platinum 2's or better. If you end up having to buy a new car, i recommend the Civic Si. You wont be disappointed.

    Source(s): K20A3 & B18 owner
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