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About how many miles does the average cross country team run?

I am an incoming freshman and I want to know how far we run during practices. Last time I went for a run, I went 3 and a half miles. Is that enough for freshman cross country?


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    Mileage really depends on where you are as a runner and where you are as a team. Typically in the beginning of the season, you won't be running too many miles; maybe like 3-5 everyday (3 for beginners and 5 for the more experienced runners), then towards the peak of the season (approaching post-season), you'll really be increasing your mileage (maybe like 6-9). After that, if your team makes it to post-season, the mileage should drop back down to similar distances in the beginning of the season.

    But also, the mileage will probably vary a little depending on what division your team runs on.

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    In my freshman year we went up to 9 miles.

    We had one day in my sophomore year that we went 14 miles, though this was on a saturday and we brought water in our coach's car.

    Prepare yourself by being able to run up to 4 miles with a single stop at the 2 mile mark to stretch some more and do some sprints. Before I quit out of hatred of waking up at 5 am to run during summer, we would run a couple miles up into the hills, then do a bunch of repeats; that's sprinting a certain distance, and jogging at a normal pace back down. Then you have about two seconds to really breathe, and you're sprinting back up the hill. It took a couple weeks to get used to in my freshman year, but most of us got used to it.

    Practice is slower pace though, unless you intend to kick *** during meets. Meets are a standard 3 miles in which a good time is under 18 minutes. I barely broke 20 at my best before I started ditching the meets.

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    Well when I came in as a freshman (last year) I went straight to varsity and we ran, on average, 8-9 miles. I think the average freshman will probably run about 6-7ish, probably 8 on a long day.

    :) have an amazing XC season!

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    For a freshman girl I wouldn't expect much more than 8-9 miles, and most of the longest runs will be towards the end of the season when everyone is more fit. The fact that you're doing some preseason running will probably put you ahead of most of your teammates, so you shouldn't worry too much about it.

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    It varies depending on the program your coach uses. I went to school in southern WV, and we were running around 25-30 miles a week I think. Other schools within the state were running 40+ miles per week (and it showed, they were very good).

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    I also have the same question

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