Since my dog had pups she is very thin and her hair is falling out?

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since my boxer had puppies 11 weeks ago she is very thin and now she is losing patches of hair. could it be from having puppies?
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  • Annie answered 4 years ago
In a word, YES.

Momma dogs "blow coat" but what you describe is a real lack of nutrition.

This is what I do and my dogs look great, even after 11 pups (my last litter was 11).

Make "Lucy Loaf" - named after mom of 11. Bake a big sweet potato in the microwave until soft. Let cool a bit and slip the skin off. Mash it up. Add to it 2 lbs of lean ground beef, a cup or so of oatmeal and 3 eggs. Mix together and bake in a loaf pan (or two!). Spray the pans with cooking spray first. Bake at 350 for about an hour or until done through. Cool.

Feed a bowlful of this three times a day. Have a big bucket of fresh water available to her at all times, as well as a bowl of dry puppy kibble -- 24/7!

Your dog will look better in a week or so. If you didn't worm her two weeks before whelping, get some safe wormer for her as well as the pups from your vet.


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  • Skipper answered 4 years ago
    A word of advice here, some dogs become hormonally imbalanced after every pregnancy because of the stress related to nursing and the parturition in itself. Some do show signs of falling hair, but do not be too alarmed as long as your dog do not loose all of its hair.

    Some of your pups might also acquire the same condition when it is their time to give birth (this condition could become hereditary).
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  • TK answered 4 years ago
    She shouldn't be thin if she had proper nutrition during pregnancy and while nursing. She should be checked by her vet for parasites and other possible causes of her reduced weight.
    It is normal for a b**** to blow coat after whelping.
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  • taylorswift answered 4 years ago
    Yes. You're dog is stressed out carrying puppies for a while and then nursing them is hard on the mother. Her hair is falling out because of stress. She'll probably be OK. If you're worried about her take her to a vet just to make sure everything is OK. I don't think taking her to a vet is absolutely necessary, but if you want to you can. That way you can just make sure and know everything is fine. I hope she gets better. Also to relive her stress you can massage her muscles and you can actually feel her relax. I've done it before it works. Good luck!
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  • Bobbie L answered 4 years ago
    Why not speak to your breed mentor? He/she is there to answer all of your questions.
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  • ragapple answered 4 years ago
    Not uncommon if she gave the pups her all - BUT while she may continue to "blow coat" now that pups are weaned she SHOULD be gaining weight. It IS possible to wean a big litter with mom in good flesh or even slightly chunky if she eats well....
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  • Rachel answered 4 years ago
    It is normal for most dogs to lose their coat after having puppies. It is more noticeable on a breed like Samoyeds, they will lose almost all their hair and look quite awful. With my Samoyeds, undercoat starts coming out when the pups are 5-8 weeks old. Mostly gone by 8 weeks. Then they start losing their guard hairs, that happens when the pups are 9-14 weeks or so.

    The coat on a Boxer would be the equivalent of the guard hairs on a Samoyed, so your dog is right on schedule. It might get worse. But don't worry, it will start growing back soon.

    This is perfectly normal, not a sign of any problem. Most female dogs shed about four months after each heat cycle. When they have puppies, that shed is just much more dramatic.
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  • PitGrl answered 4 years ago
    Skipper is right. You should take the mom to the vet so you can get her straightened out. Sometimes medications and nutrient supplements are needed to straighten out a female after having pups.
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  • Dana M answered 4 years ago
    Nursing pups is very hard on a mother. Take her to the vet and have her check out.
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