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I am a PFC reservist with two dependants I would like to deploy to save up money.?

I would like to know how much money i will be making per month if i deploy to iraq as planned?

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    pfc in the army or Marines? it differs. you will make either in the army as a PFC, E-3 you will make $1705.80 a month, as well as BAH based on where you live and dependants add to it. they also add to your base pay as im sure you aware.

    in the Marine Corps, PFC, E-2 will make $1622.10 with the same additions as above. youll be making around 3 to 4,000 dollars a month though either way.

    Source(s): LCPL, USMC
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    I agree with "soldier" you don't deploy to make money, and say you make an extra 800 buck a months is that worth your children being without their mother? I was active duty and deployed when my son was 4 months old for 8 months. I paid $800 a month to his father for daycare and child support (there is that extra money). So yes, I wasn't paying rent and by the end saved a few bucks, but at what cost? I would never ever trade the time with my family for a small bank account that is basically going to be empty within a few months of returning home, and that is if you do return home. If you love the Army and you love your job, then go active duty, but don't just do it for the money.

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    You don't deploy to a combat zone to 'save up money'. Focus on your job. The Army and Marines are not money-making ventures. You're supposed to be serving your country... something greater than yourself. Your mismanagement of your finances does not mean the Army should just 'deploy you'. Your question is exactly why active duty Army, Marines, Navy, and Air Force look down upon reservists.

    Source(s): Active duty US Army.
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    Look at a military pay chart for E3 pay!

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