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United Nations Security Council?

What do members of the Yahoo Answer community think of the structure of the UN Security council.

-- Are the US, China, Russia, France and UK a fair representation of the entire world.

-- Should the right to veto be abolished.

-- Should there be a weigh to the vote of each member ( for e.g. Should the vote cast by Brazil be the same as a vote cast by the Maldives or should there be a higher weight for Brazil )

-- India, Brazil and South Africa are lobbying to be included as permanent members of the UNSC. I would rather see these countries lobby for the abolishment of the UNSC.

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    They are all racist crooks and should move to France. Peace

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    US - Yes

    China - Yes

    Russia - Yes

    France - No, but I agree Europe should have a seat the Council. Perhaps it should belong to the EU or rotate to a separate European state every few years.

    UK - Maybe, all in all they are still one of the more powerful states in the world.

    Should the right to veto be abolished? No, that's the point. Resolutions require unanimity to have binding force, both in practice and letter.

    Should votes be weighted? No. One country, one vote.

    South Africa has no right for a permanent seat on the UNSC but India definitely does and Brazil deserves consideration.

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    Actually, there are only five permanent members of the security council, the UK, France, the USA, Russia (previously the USSR) and China (previously the island now known as Taiwan had the veto though). The link below should be of help. I hope you find it of use.

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    I think I would actually care about this question and the UN in general if they weren't so pussy footed to stand up to the injustices around the world. What have they done about Tibet? Rwanda? Somalia? Etc?

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    The UN is a joke and a waste of money. The "Security Council" is even a bigger joke.

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    Conservative people from the US don't consider themselves citizens of the world, they would rather the money be spent cramming the pockets of Rupert Murdoch or Newt Gingrich or Dick Cheney or some other fascist prole

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    I think they are all waiting until after the world cup. Just be happy your in the G20 and shut up.

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    I think the U.S. should kick the U.N out of the country and withdraw from membership. Who cares what the say or do.

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    Source(s): UNCF BAD PEOPLE
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    waste of time money space oxygen!!!

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