Is this a good book plot? Any other ideas for it?

So I've been brainstorming on a plot for a book I'm going to write. Here's the plot, and please tell me if you think it's good or not.

A fifteen year old girl named Ada lives with her parents and her sister Lea. They are very religious and believe that sex before marriage is a one way ticket to hell. She finally convinces them to let her into a public school, but the boys there find her overly attractive. She forms a relationship with a guy there (without telling her parents, of course), but it's not long before rumors fly about them sleeping together. The rumors get back to her sister right away, and she immediantly tells mom and dad. They send her off to live some of their family, which will be somewhere far away, I haven't decided that part yet. When she's there, she learns alot about who she really is and finds some hidden family secrets- haven't thought up some good ones yet though.

Well thats all I have so far. If you can help me out or just give me some examples of good secrets or some more I could add to it, that would be alot of help. Thanks!

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    Sounds like it could be very cool :) Ada's parents could potentially be VERY interesting characters. I'm always interested in those kinds of people, who live by the Book and label themselves less with her own names than with her religious denominations. I can see Ada wanting to rebel a little bit.

    As for family secrets, I was actually doing some research for a story I was writing in which the main character uncovers some secrets as well, and I found this forum to be helpful...

    I actually think I remember reading one about a woman who was a very strictly religious, no-sex- before-marriage type of person, and whose big secret was that she DID have sex before marriage, maybe had an abortion or something. Hmm..

    Well, I hope that helps. Good luck in continuing to form your plot!

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    If you are passionate about the story, then you write it no matter what others say! It sounds like it could be interesting if written well and the characters are developed correctly.

    The only thing I have an issue with is her being "overly attractive" to all the guys in high school....does that really sound believeable? Maybe she is pretty in a simple way and makes a new friend and she invites her to a party (where the main character does nothing against her morals) and meets a guy and spends the entire night hanging out with him. The next day rumors spread that they were "together" that night and they get around to her sister.

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    It actually sounds pretty good! However, I'd look out for the 'the boys there find her overly attractive' part. It could make her seem like kind of a Mary Sue with a load of boys drooling after her.

    Family secrets... hmm. How about:

    -Her mother or father were actually born out of wedlock and that contributes to their hatred of the idea as their own mother/father was not a good parent.

    -Her sister had a child out of wedlock but was forgiven because... make this part up.

    All I can think of, I'm afraid. But I hope those helped. :)

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    I like it. It seems like it could develop into something really worth reading with some work especially if the secrets are original and shocking. You should make the secrets something that no one has used yet. Nothing about them not really being her parents. But maybe she finds out that her parents got married because her mother got pregnant and they had to do it to save their reputation and later decided to cover it up with religion?

    It's weird because the book I'm writing is about a girl called Ada and I too need help with the plot. Maybe you could help out?;_ylt=Aod3e...

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  • I hate to say this but check out a book called - Burned - by Ellen Hopkins. It's the exact same plot, no joke. I honestly don't think you did it on purpose, it's a very common plot to come up with. Ellens book is about a mormon girl who has a strict father. Their family is super religious and one day the main girl meets a popular guy who steals her virginity. Someone at school finds out and tells their parents, who are friends with her dad, and he finds out. He sends her off to live with her Aunt in the desert. While there, she learns a lot about life outside of being Mormon. She falls in love with a new guy and begins to build a life for herself. She ends up pregnant right before she has to return to her dads house. She decides to run away with her love and the baby. Her dad finds out and calls the police on them. They try to outrun the cops and they get in an accident. Her love dies and her baby doesnt make it through the trauma. She goes crazy and kills everyone. Lovely ending, right?


    well the beginning of it sounds like your idea. So i suggest varying it a little bit to make it more original. I like it of course, because I loved Burned. I hope you figure out a good idea and go with it. Goodluck, sorry to be the barer of bad news.

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    It sounds like a major cliche, but you can manage to make it unique.

    Just don't have her secret to be like she is a witch or some overrated crap like that.

    May be she's a clone of her mom or something, idk.

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