What exactly is the labour party?

Right now I consider myself a "conservative independent" but I'm only 15, and have a real interest in politics. Can someone please explain what exactly it is, and what it stands for?

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    The labour party is a British political party. The original goal was to represent the middle class or working class. They created government run health care and advocate government controlling key industries. Originally their policies were very similar to socialism. Labour helped set up the government run social programs that are still prevalent in Britain today. After the party went into somewhat of a decline Tony Blair came in as leader and shifted the party to the center. Unfortunately Blair pretty much created Tory-Lite. His policies were very much inline with George Bush's and lots of people in Britain didn't like him because of that. Gordon Brown replaced him as leader but he was elected out of office in the latest election which was this year. Labour originally stood for more income equality but now it's a party that doesn't really know where it fits in. Lots of its member still represent the working class but the party is divided.

    Source(s): Know about the British political parties.
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