Does the existance of interline baggage agreement matter, if the tickets are bought separately?

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I reviewed a couple of answer/questions, but still a bit confused on the interline baggage agreement. I have two separately bought tickets from Delta and Alitalia, and on the way back from Europe to US, I would like to make sure that my baggage goes through at Frankfurt airport where I change my flight.

The general consensus from the answers is that, if there is Interline baggage agreement between those two airlines (which Delta and Alitalia do), my baggage goes through at Frankfurt. However, does this also really apply to two tickets bought separately? I called about several times to both airlines, but I have about dozen various answers. Could any exparts assure me that the interline baggage agreement is still valid for a travelor like myself?

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  • 10 years ago
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    If the airlines themselves give you vague answers, it is probably not a good idea to trust answers you get on Y!A from total strangers.

    If you continue to not get any decent answer from the airlines, then you will need to find out specifically and exactly from the ticket agent when you check your bags at your departure point. That agent has to tag them for some destination, after all. If he/she tags them to your final destination, then that is where they should go.

    If he/she can only tag them to the point where you change airlines - that is your answer, unfortunately. Having separate tickets does make it more complicated.

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