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i guess it could be a BNG...?

1) whats are your top 5 fav boy and girl names? (tel me why if u can)

2) think of 3 boy and 3 girl names from one or two of your fav t.v. shows and what t.v. show

3) top 5 most annoying names boys and girls

4) top 5 cutest celeb. baby's and their names and who their parents are

5) your kids names don't have to answer that one i just want to kno some good sibling sets!

just got bored no particular reason why i asked this question=)=)

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    1: Clara Jane: Clara I've loved since the Nutcracker its just such a sweet name and Jane is in my grandma's, aunt's and sister's name

    Charlotte Christina: Charlotte...Its a name I hadn't heard often before and i just think its so classy and beautiful. Christina is the first name of this teacher who inspired nd helped me alot.

    Addison Amelia: I know, Addison is a boy's name but i really like the nickname Addie and i don't like Adeline, Adelyn or Adelaide much. It is also Addison Montgomery's name on Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice...and I liked her charecter apart from the Adultery... Amelia is my middle name, my sister's name and my great-grandma's name.

    Lucia Elizabeth: Lucia is a new name on my list i think it's elegant and beautiful as is Elizabeth which is also my best friend's name.

    Violet Anna Collette: Violet is my favorite flower and seems like a soft name even with the T on the end. I also heard it as a name on Private Practice, where Violet is a very strong woman and a pretty good role model...for the most part pre-crazy and post-crazy anyway. Anna is my other Best Friend's name and Collette is my mom's name.

    Luke David: I love the name Luke it was my best friend's brother's name and I just think it is such a strong name. David is my grandpa's name.

    Noah Michael: I also heard Noah on Private Practice and I love it , its handsome and strong yet its soft sounding. Michael is my unlce and cousin's names.

    Alexander Keith "Alex": alexander is my mom's maiden name and Keith is my father's name.

    Henry Archer: Henry is what my mom was going to name me, I think it is such a strong name. Archer is name that I just love and I also heard on Private Practice.

    Seth Peter: Seth I first heard in the Bible...alot of people don't know he was Adam and Eve's son... until i was 10 i thought they only had Cain and Abel... but I love the name it means Apointed One and Peter was my other best friend;s nme

    2: Meredith: Grey's Anatomy

    Rachel: House (Cuddy's Daughter)

    Isobel: Grey's anatomy

    Finn: Grey's Anatomy


    Alexander: Grey's

    3: Isla


    Melanie (weird one, i know)

    Chloe (just find it annoying..)

    Emily (too popular)

    4: I have to say:

    Suri Cruise Tom and Katie Cruise

    Levi, Matthew Maconahay

    Louis Sandra Bullock he's just adorable

    James SJP and Matthew Broderick's son

    Apple Gwyneth Paltrow, don't like the name cute kid

    5: No and my sis: Spencer and Amelia (I'm a girl...I'm Spencer :) )

    friends: Anna and Ellie

    Elizabeth and Connor

    Michelle, Mikayla, Megan and Michael

    Olivia and Megan

    Gabby and Maggie. Gabrielle and Margaret

    Anna, Julia and Meg...Meg is Margaret too

    Peter and Luke

    Matthew, Ryan and Abigail

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    1. Cullen James -- Cullen is an old family name actually (not twilight related!) and I think its so adorable, and then James is also another nice family name that I thought went well with Cullen.

    2. Grayson Alexander -- I think Grayson is a really nice name, and its not so common, I also really like Alexander as a middle name.

    3. Abrielle Grace -- I think Abrielle is a very sweet name that isn't as common and annoying as Gabrielle and Brielle, and then I think Grace is simple and classic.

    4. Evelyn Margaret -- Both are also family names. Evelyn is an older name that isn't so common today and I think its very pretty.

    5. Eliza Loraine -- Loraine is another family name that I really like, and Eliza is just a very sweet name that I really love.


    1. Sookie -- True Blood

    2. Amy -- Secret Life

    3. Payson -- Make It or Break It

    1. James "Jamie" -- One Tree Hill

    2. Leon -- Secret Life

    3. Jack -- Secret Life


    1. Skylar

    2. Maddox

    3. Nevaeh

    4. Caleb

    5. Jaeden


    1. Violet -- Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck

    2. Vivienne -- Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

    3. Suri -- Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

    4. Liam -- Tori Spelling and Dean Mcdermott

    5. Tallulah -- Demi Moore and Bruce Willis


    Sorry, I don't have any children yet.

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    Alice Elizabeth because I have loved the name Alice since I was 4 and Elizabeth because it is my name and I want my first daughter to be named after me in some way. Also the initials would be AE which is opposite of mine which are EA.

    Juliet Esme is a beautiful name. Juliet is from a great shakespeare play and I love Esme.

    Kassidy Rose is my third favourite name because I heard the name Kassidy 3 years ago and I thought it was a great name. Roses are one of my favorite flowers and it is after my aunt Rose-marie.

    Isabella Lily because I have loved these name since I heard them. I don't remember when that was. I name everything I see Lily and I think it is a great name and it is also one of my favourite flowers.

    I only have a top 4.


    Emmett Layton because I love these names and I think it would be great to have a son with these names.

    Bennett Charlie because I like the nickname Ben like I love Lily. I had imaginary friends who were twins named Ben and Lily. I could use Benjamin but it s way over used and Bennett sounds cooler. I have loved Charlie for a long time. I think I heard it in a movie when I was really little. I don't like Charles because it is not the same as Charlie but people always think it is.

    Rylan James is name on my list that has evolved over time. My cousin is named Bryan James. I also know somebody named Ryan. The teacher was writing his name on the board and it looked like Rylan. I thought of Brylan but then thought it was kinda strange sounding so I changed it to Rylan. James has stuck because it flows well.

    Kellan Brody is a cool name. There are so many great nicknames such as Kell, Kells, KB, Koby, Bro, Bro-man, D, Brodes, Brode, and many others. I just love this name.


    I don't really watch TV but I do watch movies. I love the Twilight movies.

    Emmett Layton -Emmett Cullen

    Jasper Onyx - Jasper Hale

    Bennett Charlie - Charlie Swan

    Isabella Lily - Isabella(Bella) Swan-Cullen

    Rosalie Esme - Rosalie Hale and Esme Cullen

    Alice Elizabeth - Alice Cullen and Elizabeth Masen













    Knox - Son of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

    Elizabeth - Daughter of Tim Allen

    Ireland - Daughter of Alec Baldwin

    Luca Bella - Daughter of Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth

    Gunner - Brandon Flowers & Tana Flowers

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    1. Boys: James Declan "Jamie", Jesse Cayden "Jess", Liam Kendrick "Lee", Ryan Christopher "Ry", Garrett Sebastian

    Girls: Hailee Rae, Emilee Peyton, Hayden Brinlee, Lydia Brooklynn, Savannah Grace "Gracie"

    I like them all for no reason.. I just think they're pretty names :)

    2. umm... I'll do 4 for each :) Boys: Eli James (Ghost Whisperer), Derek Morgan (Criminal Minds), Mac Taylor (CSI: NY), Steven Hyde (That 70's Show)

    Girls: Remy Hadley (House), Emily Prentiss (Criminal Minds), Donna Pinciotti (That 70's Show), Jackie Burkhart (That 70's Show)

    3. Boys: Jayden, Braden, Aidan, Jesus, Jose

    Girls: Marie, Joy/Joyce, Brittany, Kayla, Rose

    4. Harlow Winter Kate (Nicole Ritchie & Joel Madden), Emerson Rose (Teri Hatcher & Jon Tenney), Levi James (Sheryl Crow), Sparrow James Midnight (Nicole Ritchie & Joel Madden), Seraphina Rose Elizabeth (Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck)

    5. I don't have kids.

    Answer mine?;_ylt=ApsnA...

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    chum a million: Chloe chum 2: Taylor chum 3: Katherine "Kate" chum 4: Keiran chum 5: Benjamin chum 6: Grace chum 7: Kyle chum 8: Nathan chum 9: Isabel chum 10: Jaymes

  • 1. Boys - i like these names because of their meanings!

    Henry Wyatt- (Henry)Ruler of the household, (Wyatt)little warrior.

    Oliver James - (Oliver)Kind; Olive Tree, (James)Substitute, supplanter

    Nikolah Preston- (Nikolah)Victorious People, (Preston)Priest's Estate.

    Landon Davis- (Landon)open, grassy meadow, (Davis)Beloved.

    Ezekiel Zander- (Ezekiel)Strength of God, (Zander)Defender of mankind.

    Girls -

    Charisma Dawn - (Charisma)The gift of leadership, (Dawn)Sunrise or Dawn.

    Talia Evelyn- (Talia)Born on Christmas, (Evelyn)Hazelnut.

    Abrielle Violet- (Abrielle)Open; secure, protected, (Violet)Violet Flower.

    Akasha Savannah- (Akasha)Favorite, (Savannah)Treeless Plain.

    Belladonna Esme - (Belladonna)Beautiful woman, (Esme)Emerald.

    2. Boys -

    John Druitt (Sanctuary)

    Peter Griffin (Family Guy)

    Zim (Invader Zim)

    Girls -

    Samantha Carter (Stargate SG-1)

    Helen Magnus (Sanctuary)

    Myka Bering (Warehouse 13)






    4. Adele Georgiana (Molly Ringwald) - (G)

    Apple Blythe Alison (Gwyneth Paltrow) - (G)

    Angel Murphy (Eddie Murphy) - (G)

    Valentino Martin (Ricky Martin) - (B)

    Matteo Martin (Ricky Martin) - (B)

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