Radar Repair (94M) AIT...?

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I just joined the Army and I'm going to be going to basic in November to Ft. Sill. I'm going for Radar Repair. I was just wondering what AIT will be like for this particular ...show more
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Went through the course 5 years ago.. When it was a joke.
Had several more radar mechanics come under me through the years, I just got out as one of the FEW radar mechanics E5 and above.

Good job joining an enlistment area thats easy/hard to get promoted in * points drop low, but only one or twice a year *

Basic is a joke nowadays. Rough,but take care of your feet and you'll be fine.

Radar Repair school - I did ALOT of sleeping. Theres only a few actual radars to work on, and your class is usually 5-9 people, with 2-3 people on the radar at a given time.

They're old, and fragile, we broke it a few times just messing around with it.

It'll suck for you since Mr. Anderson died and he was AN AWESOME TEACHER. Big OK fan took.

They shortened down the first part of the AIT at Redstone to just looking at powerpoint and clicking next next next So you lose out on alot of good stuff on basic electronics now because if you sit and read the pages. You fall behind... sadly.

Classwork goes redstone * basic electrical info *
Then you go to Fort SIll, You'll work on the 37 then the 36 and then Sent. You might work on the smaller radars that aren't really in circulation, But I heard they got rid of that part of the course.. Which was actually MUCH MORE in depth than the rest because on the small man mounted radar you get into component level replacement, Rather than on the 37 and 36 where you just replace cards and other pieces. But not the actual small components.

Fort Sill Isn't that bad.. When you get there, assuming the reception Dfac is at the same place, and the radar repair schoolhouse is in the same place If you look down the road, past the dfac.. Let me make you a little design, it'll make more sense.

|reception| >>>>> Dfac | |road
dfac parking lot

If you look up * not literally, but in relation to this. you'll see the area where the school is.

Now to the bad things.

I was in the Army for 6 years as a Radar Mech..

I fixed ZERO radars. got promoted to E5, in the primary MOS of Radar Mechanic, and fixed ZERO radars.

But my unit had a weird maint. system.. Some of the other mechs worked on it, But my section of radar mechs was 30 level maint. and the mechs assigned to the radar * who received the same training were 20 level.. but also did the 30 level when they were supposed to send it to us when it hit 30 level... but never did.

Makes sense.

It's a fun job..theres alot of intricate things, the coursework isn't too hard, but you have to understand the concept of electricity and how it works to really do well at the job.

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