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The Reign of Erica Nasso's terror progressed each time Savannah walked down the hallways of Paramount. No matter how hard Savannah tried to ignore her, Erica would find some way to encounter her. It was 12:46 and Savannah was just returning from lunch when Erica and Jennifer came around the corner. Erica looked satanic in her tight, orange t-shirt over black leggings.

"Ew!" she screeched.

Before Savannah could say anything, Erica and Jennifer took off. That made her dislike Nicole even more. Nicole got all of her friends to say all of that to Savannah, but Nicole wouldn't even say any of those things to her face. All Nicole had been doing was indirectly making her life miserable.

"I had it." she told Reese during Biology. "I'm tired of Erica and her friends putting me down. I'm going to stand up to her once and for all."

Reese smiled sympathetically. "Just ignore them. They're being immature."

Savannah just shook her head. It was easy for her to say because Erica and her friends liked Reese. They would do anything to hang out with her. So why didn't they like Savannah?

"I've tried, but she's driving me crazy!" Savannah said. "Nicole is ruining my life!"

"No, she's not. She really likes you."

"And I really like Hitler. Come on, Reese. Ever thought that Nicole's telling her friends to say all those things to me. Just think about it for one minute. She's dating Carter; my ex. Carter and I are obviously best friends. Don't you find it fishy that she only talks to me when Carter's around?"

"She says hi to you at all times." Reese said matter-of-factly.

Savannah did agree on that logic. Nicole had even sent her a message on Facebook the other night talking about how sorry she was on the behalf of her friends. Savannah didn't know who to believe. If Nicole was manipulating her, then she was really good at it. If she wasn't, then Savannah was an asshole.

Even though Nicole did talk to her even without Carter being around, her enthusiasm for Savannah seemed to have increased whenever Carter was within view. Savannah noticed that Nicole would be extra friendly when Andy showed up as well. Then a sad thought hit her. Andy. He still wasn't talking to her. He hadn't even returned her calls for the past few days. She felt like crying. He was her best friend and he wouldn't even let her explain. She didn't understand that at all. He usually let's her explain. Why didn't he let her explain that time?

When a rumor started a couple of weeks ago about Savannah writing nasty comments on her Facebook status about Nicole, Andy was able to see past that. Now he wasn't even acting like she existed in his life.

At the lab stations, Savannah worked with her usual partners. She really didn't feel like talking at the moment. All she was thinking about was Erica, Nicole, Andy, Carter, and her reputation. She had been known as Davey Smith's step-sister. The sweet girl who would do anything for someone. People had actually liked her and wanted to hang out with her. Now most people she who weren't friends with her to begin with were shunning her. The only people who would talk to her were Holly and the original associates of Carter Atkins. What Savannah meant by "original associates" was that the ones who hung out with Carter prior to him dating Nicole were still talking to her. It was Nicole's cronies who didn't like her.

Of course, Ghazal Mustafa was an exception. She seemed like a very sweet girl. She was still friendly to Savannah. Even after Savannah had that argument with Nicole at the mall. For a minute Savannah wondered why Ghazal was even friends with girls like Nicole and Erica. They were out of Ghazal's league.

"Something up, V-town?" Darnell Williams asked Savannah who sat across from her.

Darnell was a stocky, African American boy who was in most of Savannah's classes. He was on the football team like Carter, but after all that's happened, he had been less open to him. In fact, it was almost as if Darnell had resented Carter. And why shouldn't he? Even he knew Carter was being unfair.

"Actually, yes." Savannah complained. "My life sucks as of right now, everyone is talking about me, and that Erica girl won't stop harassing me!"

"Your life doesn't suck. People talk all the time. It'll blow over soon."

"And trust me," Demi added, clasping her hands together. "Erica is a *****. I don't even know why she even hangs with us after school in the commons."

Savannah didn't know why either. It was like Erica had decided Carter and the others were going to be her best friend. As did Nicole and Jennifer. She hated that they didn't like her, but they liked her other friends. Her friends seemed to h

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    I love the name Carter. :D

    Its good, i like the description.

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    I like the reign thing you've got going on and that catches but then it drifts off and gets a little boring. There are some places where you have made the writing awkward trying to explain the situation directly and this doesn't sound professional. Also try to break t up a little into proper paragraphs because it is sort o hard to read.

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    omg i loved it 4 out of 5 that would make a great story. And if a story is good to me it is great. Great job i loved it it was like a real book

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    Nice. But you haven't completed your story. I will give 4 stars out of 5

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    its a little over dramatic and it confuses me a little bit

    break it up into paragraphs

    and im not sure if i like the main character



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    Is this the start of the story or an excerpt?

    Where is this taking place?

    Who are these characters?

    Whose POV is it?

    Try again.

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