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How can she be riding six white horses....?

and why is this song taught to children to sing?


RJB and wendy, thats not written in the song...

Update 2:

Kayla, "she'll be riding in a carriage pulled by six white horses".....??

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    Shes a slut, a dirty one. Possibly even a Fat Mole.

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    She's in the carriage. The six white horses are pulling her.

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    Seriously? It is implied that she is in a carriage. It doesn't have to say it in the song. lol

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    She's got really long legs.

    And she's a relative of Pipi Longstockings. So she is a natural lead-in to get a child to enjoy Pipi books.

    Isn't this common knowledge?

    Source(s): me.
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  • 'Cause that's how it feels when she comes with......The Grappler!! Ladies first, if you please! I can wait my turn!

    I think it sort of wasn't meant to mean anything (whispers) sexual when they taught it to children! The new interpretation must be part of the feminist push education curriculum these days.

    Source(s): Igor - would you get Viktor on the line? I want to talk to him about what he's doing to the water supply at this time of day! Always a lot of silly stuff on the internet - hmmm!
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    She's in a carriage...

    (eye roll...)

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