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Emily asked in TravelUnited StatesDenver · 10 years ago

Where are the dog parks in Basalt and Carbondale Colorado?

Moved to the valley recently and I'm not having luck finding dog parks in Basalt or Carbondale areas.

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  • 10 years ago
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    I know of at least 2 dog parks in Carbondale. There is a dog park on Hendrick Rd called Hendrick Dog Park. It's next to the Community Gardens and Wells Fargo Bank.

    There is a 40 acre dog park across the road from the Ross Montessori School. It's a huge field with a great view of Mt Sopris. Go East on Main St., turn North on 4th St. 4th St. turns into Merrill Ave once you cross the Rio Grand Trail. You'll see a sign for a park on the right side (across from the Montessori School) and a driving path going downhill into a parking area for the dog park.

    Source(s): I live in Carbondale and have taken my dog to these 2 parks.
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  • 10 years ago

    These are two sites I usually check for the latest information and I don't see anything. Maybe you can get some interest and start one.

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