who is the queen of pop?

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    ♣ The King Of Pop: Michael Jackson (750 Millions Of Albums Sold)

    ♣ The Queen Of Pop: Madonna (400 Millions Of Albums Sold)

    - King Of Rock & Roll: Elvis Presley (400 Million Albums Sold)

    - Rock & Roll Historical Group: The Beach Boys (100 Million Albums Sold)

    - Pop/Rock Historical Group: The Beatles (500 Million Albums Sold)

    - Rock Historical Group: The Rolling Stones (250 Million Albums Sold)

    - Pop Historical Group: Abba (350 Million Albums Sold)

    - Greatest Divas Of Pop: Whitney Houston (230 Million Albums Sold), Celine Dion (200 Million Albums Sold) & Cher (180 Million Albums Sold)

    - Divas Of Pop: Janet Jackson (100 Million Albums Sold) & Gwen Stefani (40 Million Albums Sold)

    - Divas Of R&B: Mariah Carey (175 Million Albums Sold) & Beyoncé Knowles (50 Million Albums Sold)

    - Prince Of Pop (Europe): Robbie Williams (55 Million Albums Sold)

    - Princess Of Pop (Europe): Kylie Minogue (90 Million Albums Sold)

    - Princes Of Pop (U.S.A.): Prince (80 Million Albums Sold) & Justin Timberlake (17 Million Albums Sold)

    - Princesses Of Pop (U.S.A.): Britney Spears (63 Million Albums Sold) & Christina Aguilera (42 Million Albums Sold)

    - Princess Of R&B: Rihanna (12 Million Albums Sold)

    - Diva Of Folklore: Nelly Furtado (18 Million Albums Sold)

    - Divas Of Electro/Pop: Lady Gaga (8 Million Albums Sold), Katy Perry (5 Million Albums Sold) & Ke$ha (1.4 Million Albums Sold)

    - Divas Of Pop/Punk: P!nk (31 Million Albums Sold) & Avril Lavigne (30 Million Albums Sold)

    - Female Singers In A Band: Amy Lee - Evanescence (18 Million Albums Sold) & Hayley Williams - Paramore (2 Million Albums Sold)

    - Pop Teen Group: Backstreet Boys (75 Million Albums Sold) & Jonas Brothers (8 Million Albums Sold)

    - Princesses Of Pop From Disney Channel: Hilary Duff (6 Million Albums Sold) & Miley Cyrus (3.5 Million Albums Sold)

    Madonna is a legend; for more than 3 decades she has conquered almost every kind of musical genre: Pop, Rock, Rock & Roll, Soul, R&B, Acoustic, Acoustic Blues, Gospel, Ballad, Retro, Alternative, Indie Rock, Punk, Instrumental, Ambient, Romantic, Speech, Lullabies, Duet, Disco, Club, Country, House, Original Score, Soundtrack, Musicals, Orchestral, Latin, Jazz, Funk, New Wave, Techno, Dance, Electronic, Hardcore House, Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop & More! Mother of Re-Inventions, one of the most powerful and famous women on the planet. She's a real goddess on earth.

    She’s royalty. The Forbes Magazine said Madonna is the most influential female artist in music history. Her fortune is around 850 million dollars, she has contributed to many causes around the world, by giving her own money; she has created an amazing documentary about HIV/AIDS in Malawi, she has built schools in Africa and last year she traveled to Brazil to create (along with the future president) a contribution plan to help poor childrens in that country. She declared that her plans for decades to come is to help the world. People who really need it.

    Madonna has sold around 400 million albums worldwide and she’s not just music; she’s also political stuff, religious stuff, an a social and cultural visionary. She’s a writer, a poet, a composer, a director, an film maker, an actress, a dancer, a model, a designer, a record producer, an a full musician (she plays many instruments) and a humanitarian. Madonna is a roll model of life, she’s a real warrioress. I think, people feel connected with her for many reasons.

    People Loves Madonna Becouse She Rocks!!!! She's The Greatest In History!!!!

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    My queen of pop is Britney Spears (b/c I grew up on her music & she is the biggest (best selling/most impacting) female artist within the past decade.

    but in the general public/media Madonna is the queen of pop, & Britney is the princess.

    Madonna is always referred to as the queen and Britney as princess.

    Source(s): Media/Personal Views.
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    Janet Jackson

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    Michael Jackson is the King of Pop,,but I know he prefer to be the Queen of Pop..

    LOL...just kidding,,

    RIP MJ..

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    Justin Bieber!

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    madonna, janet jackson,paula abdul, mariah carey, alot of them are legends

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    god knows why i read that as who is the queen of "poop" lolz I would say britney

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    I thought it was Paula Abdul.

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