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yo can somebody tell me what my dream means basically I was this super-soldier/hero who...?

...fights for humanities survival

this took place in the year 7595 and I had another dream that I died 18 years later it even had the date: October 13, 7613 and the weirdest part was it had elements of superman, halo, and some Final Fantasy oh and I'm only 14 so why am I not dreaming of ridiculously hot girls even though they drive me crazy with desire when I'm awake

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    A couple of things:

    You may be somewhat consoled to know that dreams in 11 to 13 year olds are very similar to the dreams related by young adults in their early 20’s.

    Can anyone explain your dreams to you? No!

    A competently trained psychiatrist can do a fair job attempting to identify possible trouble areas but such an attempt is, at best, a crap shoot.

    One of the problems with trying to understand dreams is the poor quality of one’s memory of the dream experience.

    So, dream away and, as they say in the Islands, “don worry, be hoppy”

    On the girl thingy, just remember to respect them and everything should work out.

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    first of all, you cannot control your dreams. It seems that you are an idealistic individual and ready to fight for what you believe is right.

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    you are relieving one of your past lives thru dreams.... pay attention it will probably dfine who you are and why somw things will happen to you in your present life....i if i was you ill take notes

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    When we meet again, I will tell you personally all the secrets.

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