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Help/Fix my dragon deck if you can?


lvl 5 or higher:6

felgrand dragon

tyrant dragon

red eyes

red eyes darkness

red eyes darkness metal

darkblaze dragon

lv4 or lower:18

spear dragon

lord of d.

2x red eyes chick

2x luster dragon

3x dragon dwelling in the cave

decoy dragon

3x masked dragon

vanguard of the dragon

mirage dragon

exiled force

divine dragon ragnarok

element dragon


smashing ground



Pot of avarice


stamping destruction

brain control

lightning vortex

heavy storm

cost down


book of moon


2x compulsary evacuation device

spellbinding circle

blast with chain

dust tornado

sakuretsu armor

scrap iron scarecrow

call of the haunted


negate attack

the dragons bead

dragons rage

if anyone can help me thanks. :D

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    way to many cards in your deck try to make your deck 40 cards take out mountain, spellbinding cirlce, blast wsith chain, waboku, Felgrand dragon(it sucks and is yard to get on the field), exile force. Add foolish burial and trade-in and more cards that allow you to send your dragons to the graveyard then revive them

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