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why was the USA goal disallowed, If USA goes out, it will be the biggest scandal of FIFA 2010?

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    alcohol test needs to be done before a ref attends the match!

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    There actually has been no official word as to why Maurice Edu's goal was disallowed, but it certainly doesn't look like a foul. Some have speculated that Clint Dempsey was guilty of a foul, Bob Bradley implied that the referee was merely making up the call.

    In any event, contrary to popular belief, the referee decision is not the reason why USA failed to pick up the maximum points. And I can say as an American citizen and USA supporter that if the Yanks fail to progress, it won't be because of that call.

    USA are in a very favorable position right now, because all that's required is to defeat Algeria.

    Besides, I think it's a little too early to start throwing terms like "biggest scandal of FIFA 2010" around. We still haven't seen any game 3's or any knockout matches yet. To date, none of the matches played so far will be as important as the matches yet to be played. If this ultimately ends up being the biggest scandal of the Cup, then I would say that the referees did an excellent job in the knockout phase.

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    Nope wont be the biggest scandal...welcome in the Fifa world they do continuos or they dont disallowe goals when they have to do, for example they dont disallowed the fake goals of New zealand against italians and no one was shout at scandal...wierd enough is that they still call the italians cheaters....even when they been stolen in that way!

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    either the ref was paid to do that or the maffia threat his life if he let usa win or he just plain hate americans. But he also stop the game way to early there was 2 minute added to the 90 minutes. He wanted this game to be tied since he couldnt make the americans lose. I think he was probably threating by some maffia to make america lose since they didnt lose a tied was enough. I dont think he will take cash from outside and jepordy is job. that money wont last long compare to what he gets ref for fifa. not just in world cup but other events

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    cakes SA needs to shield this. SA will pass in chaos and plumet to a all time low if the international cup is taken away. all of us understand that if a journey like that's held in a usa it helps with tourism in futre if we dont have the international cup what can we do with all the different issues we are construction. Billions od R/€/$ would be lost and on no account made up. Did they say something approximately Eishkom? Thabo cant do something all of us understand that. Jacob wont be Prez by skill of then. Nelson is to previous.

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    The ref said the player was off sides and the goal was disallowed yes it was a HUGE scandal

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    Every team has been through this. trust me it won't be a scandal. and if the US don't make it to the next round it will have nothing to do with this because they could have easily beaten Slovenia but they allowed 2 goals very early.

    I would like them to go on though.

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    USA are to good for Algeria - they will go through - worry about England instead of USA

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    There was really nothing wrong with the play.

    Other then the Slovenia's hugging 3 of our men.

    BS, if you ask me.

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    I want US government officials to step in on this, fifa's referees are getting away with murder

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