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Going to San Jose for a week?

Hey guys, I'm gonna be in San Jose,California from June 29 to July 6. What kind of clothes should I bring and whats the weather going to be like? Thank you(:

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    Check Yahoo weather. You can go out as far as 10 days. This time of year is real nice up there, barring a heat wave. Which doesn't happen too often.

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    I live in Santa Cruz which is the beach town right next to San Jose. I have grandparents in San Jose so I go there all the time!

    In basically never rains, and is never cold.

    Since San Jose is in a valley, it can get pretty warm during the summer days. Typically it is probably 65-70ish degrees, but sometimes it can get up to the 90's. This is pretty rare though.

    The weather is always sunny, with or without big fluffy clouds and rain/fog are rarities - though there is smog from all the cars.

    I suggest packing lots of t shirts and tank tops, you definitely won't be needing long sleeved shirts.

    Additionally make sure you bring a couple of sweaters and one or two warmer sweatshirts just in case it gets down to the lower sixties at night. I would bring a fair balance of shorts and jeans - with weather in the high sixties both will be comfortable, but just in case it does get really hot you'll want shorts!

    And make sure you bring a bathing suit so you can drive on over to SC and enjoy our beaches (:

    Hoped this helped!

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    working a lot in San Jose I stay in lots of lodges here. assume to pay $250.00 after taxes weekly for roach lodges. The White homestead inn, the White way inn, project inn, Sand's inn, etc. aside from the White way (Oakland BLVD) all are positioned on Monterey Hwy it somewhat is close to to downtown. mom Olsen's is nicest yet emptiness, risk-free parking, cooking are a concern.

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