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If everything is caused to happen, what causes True love?

By definition, True love is without any expectations whatsoever which implies that nothing can be the cause for it to take root.

In that case, is True love an exception to the Natural Law of 'cause & effect'??

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    Small, buddy you are just killing me.

    A definition IS what we expect of a thing. Many a maid has wept over love untrue. Clearly they had expectations.

    I submit the expectation is this:

    That Love is considering the self interest of another as if it were your own.

    That being Loved is having another consider your self interest as theirs.

    And TRUE Love just means someone is TRULY committed to your well being - as opposed to just pretending they are to get laid.

    Life is an energy machine that replicates.

    Nature is the competition between these machines.

    Love is the cooperation between these machines to the end of winning the competition.

    The CAUSE of Love is Darwinian. We celebrate Father's day because we know how much harder life is without Dad on your side. We celebrate Mother's day because we know how small our chances of survival & prosperity get without a Mothers care. And we celebrate our nation's founding, because we know it is hard & pointless thing to survive alone.

    Love is NOT selflessness. It is the summoning of multiplied POWER through a COLLECTIVE self.

    United we stand. Divided we fall. THAT is the cause of Love.

  • True Love is not a science; it is not a cause and effect chain.

    True love is a poetic myth unless you drop the ego and since you cannot drop anything, who knows when you will know. It's a dilemma, don't worry about it. Forget all about enlightenment. Forget all about the poetic love and just enjoy whatever it is in the moment.

    Jung says just by the side of causality there is another principle. The maker of the world, if there is any, has made the world in such a way that many things happen, which are not cause and effect. You see a woman and suddenly love flowers. Now is this to be explained by cause and effect or by synchronicity? Jung seems to be more accurate and closer to the truth. The woman has not caused the love in you, you have not caused the love in the woman, but man and woman, or the energy of sun and moon or vice versa, have been made in such a way that when they come close love flowers. It is synchronicity.

    God Bless

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    Good question ! True love is divine , so it is beyond Nature's law of cause and effect. It is defined by God, the Parmatma and we the souls have only option of implementing what he has decided without any expectations. It also means true love is between two souls so naturally there are no expectations and it just happens !

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    "Love at first sight" is really true lust. This is a mix of body language and personal history. This sometimes turns into love. It is not just an example of the Natural Law of 'cause & effect', it is one of the most interesting examples ever.

    Love (including what you call 'true love') is a natural process of bonding with a partner

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    Nothing is "caused" to happen, there are NO CLOSED SYSTEMS, there are only PROBABILITIES of reality and everything is open, meaning, you get what you concentrate upon and you make your own reality. If you believe "everything is caused to happen", then you are not in control of your reality or you might believe that someone or something else IS. Now, True love and only "true love" to you is your personal perception of how it "feels" to you and what system of 'belief' you use to see it that way. True love is not love 'at first sight' or something that takes years to find, it is simply a CONSCIOUS IDEA of what feels 'TRUE" to you and how you define what you feel, and THAT only you can "perceive it as such". What you may call true love, might mean THAT to you and something totally different to someone else, EVEN within the same circumstances! "An idea or belief is a mental and conscious state of mind of the true perceiver" (wow! this new "saying" might just go into the books! said by me!, cool !!)

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    it would be hard because I TRUEly LOVE my family and friends! I dont know if I could move hundreds of mile away..... I need to be close enough to still come home and see mamma!! =) and the reason for moving I would have to take into consideration... If it was for a job then prob yes... but if it was just to get away then na!! not that far!!!

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    This is a true philosophical question....trying to find out what 'causes' true love.So philosophically speaking meaning of love and true love differs from case to case.In providing an account of love, we must be careful to distinguish love from other positive attitudes we take towards persons, such as liking. Intuitively, love differs from such attitudes as liking in terms of its “depth,” and the problem is to elucidate the kind of “depth” we intuitively find love/true love to have.surely there are attitudes towards persons intermediate between having a desire with a person as its object and loving the person. we can care about a person for his/her own sake and not merely instrumentally, and yet such caring does not on its own amount to loving him/her, for it seems we can care about our pet in exactly the same way, a kind of caring which is insufficiently personal for love.ok so it depends.Coming to defining love and true said "True Love" won't have any is absolutely true but your next statement is purely imagination :) "nothing can be the cause for it to take root"---it is not true...

    If you say there is no cause for 'true love'....then without a second thought we can conclude that it is not true love.Is there anything in this world that happens without a cause?You love your children and you call it true love(i assume your love for your children/parents is true love)...can you state that your true love has no cause at all?you love them because they are your children/parents. Even your love for "God" has a cause,you attached divinity to God,that is the cause/reason for you to love god....truly add ,the cause can be simply "respect" or it can be incredible desires or targets to achieve...these are extremes and the reason in between these extremes are innumerable .Love as Valuing...Love as union which is natural instinct .....Love as concern....Love as emotion.....Love as justifcation these there are many reasons that can cause love and can turn into true love.So, it is not an exception to philosophical law of "cause and effect". The answer differs if you try to explain the causes of true love 'scientifically'.

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    Plans plus fate equal destiny. It's just that simple. You make plans to work at a summer camp lets say, she does as well, you meet (fate) and behold, fall deeply in love when you both meet once again in college. Plans plus Fate equal Destiny.

    Source(s): Found a passion in my mate that is what keeps us keepin on after 25 years.
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    Nah, according to a Chemistry student friend, any emotion is caused by a chemical balance or imbalance in the brain. If this is true we are all in deep ...

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    Falling in love always has been a mystery. Psychologists wondered what is that thing that causes romantic love? However, their attempts to find out were often unsuccessful. Even Sigmund Freud said: "We really don't know much about love".

    Fortunately for us, these days we know much more about falling in love than what was known on the days of Freud. Modern scientists revealed chemical, biological and psychological factors that happen when the person falls in love. Moreover, they told us how to use it to our advantage! Here are important factors that proved to be decisive in matters of heart.

    First impression.

    When man and woman meet, first impression is often crucial for their future. It is even more important than many other things, because they have only one chance to get it right. The number-one tactic here is to smile, because smile conveys acceptance, confidence and happiness. Ever wondered why happy people seem so attractive and likable even if you intellectually realize that they are not that much physically beautiful? That is because happiness (same as unhappiness) has a contagious quality to it. You tend to be happier around happy people.

    Another reason for why first impression is so crucial for falling in love is the fact that everything you say and do after that will be filtered through it. So, since you never know when, where and who you will meet, be always ready for such situations, do some conscious groundwork to get it just right.


    People tend to trust, like and believe those who are somehow similar to them. So, you need to find a way to show that you resemble somehow, like both of you love football (for starters), or both of you hate snakes. However, don't overdo, because nobody wants to be married to his/her absolute copy. This is why you should also have some contrasts to keep the spark in the relationship. It is really great if these differences compensate for each other, like one of the lovers hates to deal with papers, while another one takes pride in his paperwork.


    You want to think that love is always selfless and pure, but get real, life is not always what you want it to be. "What's in it for me" approach is true in falling in love like it is true in other matters. Your sweetheart has to be convinced that you are a great catch. S/he considers things like how beautiful you are, how special or unique you are, how rich you are (even if you are a woman), how educated you are, how much you bring into relationship and how much it will cost him/her.

    How you make them feel.

    This is another important factor that affects their falling in love with you. They need to feel they are better off being with you than alone or with somebody else. Stroke their ego, make them feel strong, beautiful and sexy. However the best you can do to make this work is to find out what makes them tick, that is their unique buttons that you can press to get the maximum positive effect; then you will be truly irresistible to them. In other words, make them feel they want to feel about themselves.

    Study the psychology of the opposite sex, learn what they like, what turns them on. And last but not least, make sure you don't do any of mistakes that insecure people do, because this is a surefire way to prevent them falling in love with you.

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