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1.Tom never goes to work late, and____.

(A)John does,too(B)so does John(C)John isn'teither(D)neither does John

2.I____ her for ages since we graduated from high school.

(A)was seen (B)wouldn't see(C)didn't see(D)haven't seen

3.When you see a movie in a movie theater, ypu shoule ____your call phone.

(A)throw away(B)turn off(C)make up(D)take out

4.i'd like to know the lady ____ red over there.


5.We ____ all the time during our spring break ; Now,everyone of us becomes a bit overweight.

(A)were eating and drinking(B)were eaten and drunk(C)had been eaten and drunk(D)had been eating and drinking

6.The chemical waste from the factory has seriously ____ the river.


7.He had been working in the garden all day, and he was hot and ____.


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