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Anonymous asked in 家庭與人際關係單身與交往 · 1 decade ago

幫我中翻英 不要翻譯網站

以前我是個極度冷漠的人 直到發生了一些事



她所做的一切 讓我明白以前所謂的愛都稱不上是愛



我依然自我 依然放縱 最後 妳知道的

在失去後才懂得自己的愚蠢 才明白這段愛情變成一個枷鎖

這也是我為什麼在這裡的原因 我不願意待在一個走到哪都觸景傷情的地方

坦白說如果可以 我寧願失億 忘了愛就不會有悲傷

待在這的3個月 我做了許多我從未做過的事情

與大家打成一片 做一些幼稚的事

當看著天空下雨 似乎是老天爺為我哭泣 是唯一能安慰字己的方法

或許妳覺得我瘋了吧 事實上我只想找回真正的快樂

竭盡所能 即使瘋了也無所謂

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I used to be a very cold person until something happened.

    I had fallen in love for many times before I met a beautiful girl.

    Everything she did made me realize that my so-called love was not real love.

    However, my proudness made me believe she will love me forever.

    I didn't care about the fact that she had many suitors.

    I still remained what I used be and became self-indulgent.

    After losing her, I finally found out how stupid I was and this love turned into shackles.

    That is the reason why I am here because I don't want to stay in a place where everything reminds me of sadness.

    Frankly I would rather lose my mind and forget the love than feel sad .

    I have been staying here for 3 months, and I have been doing things that I never did. Getting together with you and doing some childish things make me happy.

    When it's raining, I look at the sky like it's God crying for me. That is the only way to console me.

    Perhaps you think I'm crazy, but in fact it's my way to find back my happiness.

    I'll do my best even if I'll go crazy. I don't mind.

    ***Cheer up!

  • 小軒
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    1 decade ago

    I used to be a very cold person until something happened

    I talked to a lot of love

    Until I met a beautiful girl

    She did everything so I know all can not be called before the so-called love is love

    But too much self-confidence to believe she would love me forever

    Do not care if she has many suitors

    I still remain self-indulgence last you know

    After the loss of their own stupidity until we know this love into a yoke

    This is why I am here because I do not stay in a place where one is Chujingshangqing

    Frankly I would rather lose 100 million if you can forget the love and do not be sad

    Stay here for 3 months I did a lot of things I had never done

    Mix with you to do some childish things

    When looking at the sky rain seems to cry for me God is the only consolation has been the way the word

    Perhaps you think I'm crazy it actually really happy I just want to get back

    Do our best even if they did not mind crazy


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