philosophically speaking, do atheist parents/pet owners have commandments for their kids/pets or do they?

let them do what they want like anarchist/Nihilist?

should they let them Evolve with out their intervention? or do then believe more or less in child/animal abuse and/or neglect,

do you teach them not to steal from others or envy or to respect you. [and what is your Definition of respect? is fear one of the words that define respect?]

do you teach them not to lie cause its harder to lie and remember them than just tell the truth?

do you teach them not to believe in magic? [as in hope in idols that grant wishes other than you who holds the purse strings?]

or take your name in vain, [or do you go around saying mom/dad dam it?] really?

do you let your kids have at least one day off? or are they your slaves 24/7?

do you really want your kids/pets humping everything in sight knowing they could catch a disease even with the best protection,?

just how well do you think about how best to raise your pets/kids?

most important of all, do you think my creator will forgive me for giving a link to mel brooks?

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Morality is for cults,

possible that many moral beliefs are based on prejudice, ignorance or even hatred

Moral skepticism" denotes a class of metaethical theories all members of which entail that no one has any moral knowledge. Many moral skeptics also make the stronger, modal, claim that moral knowledge is impossible. Moral skepticism is particularly opposed to moral realism: the view that there are knowable, mind-independent moral truths.


Socrates (469 BC – 399 BC) was one of the first Greek philosophers to encourage both scholars and the common citizen to turn their attention from the outside world to the condition of humankind. In this view, Knowledge having a bearing on human life was placed highest, all other knowledge being secondary. Self-knowledge was considered necessary for success and inherently an essential good.

Update 2:

Point Seven -

Most important of all, would your creator forgive you for considering using his name in vain?

i did not consider using his name in vain just your mom/dads name, although i used to,

i guess i will not be foregiven for that,

but i also believe i made a promise long before i was born and was put on this earth with free will but to keep that promise just like you,

I hate this kind of question. It belongs in R&S where they talk stupid things like this. Please take this to R&S where it belongs and leave people here who know how to THINK alone.

i hate when atheist invade r and s cause that is where you find most of them,

why? what do they hope to prove?

do they know the defintion of hope?

Hope~ n. the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.

authoritarianism or anarchy?

no there is the 3rd choice which is pray for those in power, for they do not carry the sword in vain,

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    atheists don't believe in any set God or any God at all but they do set rules and standards maybe not honor your mother and father but i am sure if the kids sassed them they would get some punishment. no intervention? like not screaming at them to clean their rooms or do their homework? no fear shouldn't come into the scope of respect if u fear a parent then u won't go to them in time of need.. failing grade to pregnancy... love has nothing to do with religion or lack of it. u can be christian and abusive and hateful... respect is a form of love being able to come to that parent in times of need, the rules of God are still the rules of atheists... no lying no cheating show respect all of it... they just don't cover it as commandments more of a cause i said so type thing... atheists usually believe in magic of some sort... it is a form of paganism... i am sure they curse as well as they rest of us do. unless u try very hard not to most of us have a potty mouth... they are still parents and christians have abused their kids... my folks claimed christianity but would call me from 3 rooms and upstairs to answer the phone that they could have easily walked the 3 feet to get... religion has little to do with how u raise kids except for the fact of going to church and learning where the rules come from... i don't know what ideas u have with no God in a life but standards are still set... trust me everyone knows how best to raise someone else's kids if u don't believe that go to a grocery store and look at the turned heads when a child squalls over something they can't have... mel brooks is a great person. as well as a genius. his stuff is funny and it is a shame parts of his films were cut out as offensive to the africans that choose to watch it. it sure wasn't offensive to the blacks that were in the film... my idea is if it is offensive don't watch if the ratings go far enough down they will take it off the air. if not u didn't watch it anyway so shouldn't have been offended. if u watch it and it gets to the point of being offending walk out or change the channel. it is all about choice and your choice should not encompass me and mine not u... choice is what makes the world go round the differences interesting... so don't get all yucky over atheists until u talk to or walk a mile in their shoes. they are not dirty nasty people just because their ideas are different. there is probably more reverence in some of their homes than in christian homes... i know a devout baptist/mormon that has ignored the raising of his daughters to the point that they are not retarded as such but their mental years are definitely not up to their body years... and i know nature lovers that are more considerate of people than religious folk...

    Source(s): life... great place to be...make your own choices.. hope they turn out great
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    Point One -

    Not all atheists are anarchists with nihilistic views. Same idea as the one that says that not all paedophiles are priests who believe in child abuse and neglecting to intervene and persecute offenders in their ranks.

    Point Two -

    I would not teach them to steal from the ancient Greeks and the Egyptians.

    I would not threaten anyone with the fear of eternal damnation in a bid to have them come forth and line my purse strings as a measure of respect in the belief that my definitive idol magic would grant them their wishful thinking.

    Point Three -

    Atheists have no problems telling the truth.

    They don't have to compile lies that they have problems recalling into book format for publication and free distribution.

    Point Four -

    Kids are off everyday. Especially on Sunday mornings.

    Point Five -

    I do not denounce using the best available protection when I know I cannot stop kids from humping everything not in my sight. I do not attempt to condemn kids for being kids, or a dog for behaving like a dog.

    Point Six -

    I know well enough not to keep pleasure slaves (pets), and I know it is best to not raise kids on someone else's bullshit.

    Point Seven -

    Most important of all, would your creator forgive you for considering using his name in vain?

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    Most atheists freely admit that it's impossible to *prove* that there's no god anywhere, anytime. That doesn't make one an agnostic, however -- an agnostic is a person who claims that the question about a god (any god) is unanswerable. While the ultimate question of any god anywhere anytime may be unanswerable (or maybe not, we don't know yet), questions about *specific* gods such as the one from the bible are answerable. See, that specific god makes claims and predictions (or at least the people claiming to write in his name do). Since none of those claims or predictions have any evidence to support them, and plenty of evidence to show they're false, it's perfectly reasonable and logically supportable to state that the christian god does not exist. There's plenty of evidence to support that statement. In fact, there's plenty of evidence to support such a statement about *every single* human-created deity. The question of whether a particular god exists can be (and has been!) answered with evidence. Making the agnostics wrong (or at best lazy). Whether there's any kind of god anywhere probably can't be answered...especially if you leave the definition of that "god" completely open so that it can be almost anything. But hey, as soon as you get specific about "god" attributes, those are testable things that can be answered. Peace.

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    Athiests can still uphold moral values.

    Just because you would enjoy doing bad things if it wasn't for the fear of going to hell, doesn't mean others do.

    Morally isn't based on religion.

    and sometimes sadly, religions arn't based in morality.

    It truly matters to the individual, whether he or she is religious or not doesn't matter. Religious people can do as much evil as a non-religious person.

    and as the for last question: Yes. Yes He will. ;-D

    Now I wanna know what those extra 5 commandments were...heheh

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    Because those are the only two choices, authoritarianism or anarchy. Clearly your parents weren't big on critical thinking skills.

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    I hate this kind of question. It belongs in R&S where they talk stupid things like this. Please take this to R&S where it belongs and leave people here who know how to THINK alone.

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    of course

    all living beings need structure

    not sure any creator will forgive that, or should forgive that

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