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WS: Wanna make a bet? Regarding Daniel Bryan?

I (and some others like Behold The King) are still insisting that the Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson "firing" is a work, an angle, a sign of pretty much brilliance by Vince, using the internet as a tool instead of a spoiler.

And so many people disagree.

So let's set up a bet. Star if you think it's a work. Post and collect your 2 points if you think it's real. Also, you can offer terms of the bet, like "♥♥♥RKO♥♥♥, you have to leave the WS for 30 days/6 months/forever" or something. I'm not a welcher on a bet and I know we've got a lot of wickedly creative people in here, so this could be fun


I have no other account, this is it. I've had the account since '03 and signed up w/YA in '07. I'm above board, honest. :)

Update 2:

OH GOD...a TNA Tribute video?!? Oh, sh*t...Ok. Deal. If I'm wrong, that's what it'll be and no sarcasm. Although I will die a little inside...LMAO.

You guys rock. :)

Update 3:

If I'm wrong, it'll be the TNA tribute video *gags* ..interspersed with some of the other bets. Sound good?

Update 4:

For those who are taking me up on the bet...yours is easy. You just have to add 3 hearts to your ID tag, at the beginning, for 3 days. Fair? :D

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    Hope you're Right..

    But i still wanna bet you..I Bet you if you're wrong! You MUST leave for 30 days, no other accounts neither

    Edit: Big Ran talks like he's in love with you or something! LOL! Relax, we get your point

    EDit:Ok That's fair Lmao

    Edit: I see your point Big Ran...But regarding my bet, I wanna change it, Instead of you leaving, I wanna bet if you're wrong, you MUST make a TNA Tribute on you're youtube account, I will subscribe to it.

  • 10 years ago

    I've been very skeptic, but I think I'll side with you. I'll take the risk.

    1. There was that corporate WWE site you had.

    2. I believe WWE can and will use the internet to fool the fans. I remember the Vince McMahon death thing where they posted it on the news and had pictures of people putting flowers at the head quarters. So I know they will go that far. Cena is but a puppet for WWE trying to gain the fan's sympathy.

    3. I haven't heard any news from other companies, which would have to be likely culprit for getting Bryan fired. It had to either be the sponsors or Linda's campaign. Its all been anonymous e-mails and sources. Though it questions me, why bring up Benoit? (I'm still a bit skeptic)

    4. I could had swore he has a 90 days no compete clause, but he is wrestling in the indies already, something WWE would allow if they were under contract.

    So, I hope you win the bet. I too hope its kayfabe. And don't leave. I hear your a good user.


  • 4 years ago

    I think it's 2-5 weeks before AJ will dump Daniel Bryan. BQ: No, I don't. She shouldn't be involved in all of this. She's talented, and should go for Divas Championship instead of this. And Daniel Bryan needs to stop hiding behind a woman.

  • 10 years ago

    I think Bryan Danielson's firing is REAL, LEGIT and NOT A WORK. We all know

    why Bryan Danielson was fired because during the NXT Invasion attacked on raw

    two weeks ago he choked Justin Roberts with his on neck tie. It should be noted

    though that NXT rookie Heath Slater choked John Cena with the ring rope during

    the NXT invasion attack. So, that wouldn't make any sense that Danielson does

    get punished and Heath Slater is still signed to World Wrestling Entertainment.

    There are a few users on the yahoo wrestling section suggesting that Danielson

    was the person driving the Limousine that had Bret Hart crashing in parking lot I

    personally don't think that Bryan Danielson wouldn't disrespect Bret Hart a great

    wrestler who he watched growing up as a kid. If it was not him then who was that

    Limo driver? If he was somehow involved though I think he should be the leader of

    that NXT group not Wade Barrett. I'm sure he respects Bret Hart more than Cena.

    In addition to the dealings mentioned above. Bryan Danielson is staying busy he's

    booked to appear in Chikara against Eddie Kingston on June 26th. And Danielson

    is booked to appear in Dragon Gate USA on July 24th in the 1st Anniversary show

    so, he's not just sitting around waiting for the WWE to call him back to work. Also,

    the latest word within the company is that they want to bring Bryan Danielson back

    to the company once things die down and he "serves his penance." Perhaps if they

    do bring him back he could drop the Daniel Bryan name and be himself Danielson.

    In my opinion though. I personally think he's got a better chance of being a World

    Heavyweight Champion in TNA Wrestling because if he goes there he will be right

    in there wrestling with the top ten contenders for the championships whereas if he

    re-signs with World Wrestling Entertainment he won't be main eventing with Cena

    or Jack Swagger. He's got a better chance in TNA and there's better matches and

    more opportunity with that promotion and they won't take away half of his move set

    vs. Angle, Rob Van Dam, Hardy, Wolfe, Samoa Joe, Morgan, Styles, Anderson and

    others those are the matches that wrestling fans want to see on pay per view & TV.

    Source(s): my thoughts
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  • 10 years ago

    Starred. I really think this whole 'Daniel Bryan' thing is a work. At least I hope it is. Surely they wouldn't be stupid enough to get rid of the most popular NXT rookie by far ove something so trivial? Would they?

  • 10 years ago

    Glad to see you back!

    I think it's real.

    What is my reasoning, though?

    1) WWE banned chokes like that because it depicts a hanging, akin to Beniot's death (hanged himself, suicide). Daniel Bryan "choked" JR with a tie, and that could be depicted as a set up for a homicide hanging.

    2) They HAD to fire him because he broke the rules. He can not compete for 90 days in WWE, but that doesn't mean WWE can arrange negotiations with Danielson a few days before the expiration date. Say it's the 88th day, Danielson could agree to return on the 91st day to WWE if he signs a pre-deal to go to WWE.

    Okay, ♥♥♥RKO♥♥♥, if you're wrong you have to post a real life video of yourself going around to randoms on the street saying "Randy Orton is my favourite! Chris Jericho is a close second though! I bet you can't guess why! Who's your favourite wrestler?" and no matter the response say something either,

    A) Praising WWE and insulting TNA, such as "WWE Is better than TNGAY!"

    B) Praising TNA and insulting WWE, such as "TNA is real wrestling! Everything is good! They do not suck! WWE is kid central!"

    C) Insult their favourite wrestler, say it's John Cena, the list goes on, don't say something to get you physically abused though.

    Or change your name to either:


    ♥♥♥Luke Gallows♥♥♥

    ♥♥♥Gene Snitsky♥♥♥

    ♥♥♥Ric Flair♥♥♥

    ♥♥♥Hulk Hogan♥♥♥

    ♥♥♥*Any other old/ugly wrestler*♥♥♥

    Hopefully, I'm right and I don't have to become *sigh*

    ♥♥♥The Lord of Darkness♥♥♥

    Source(s): Behold the King is a cheater, btw.;_ylt=Ao5r9...
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    I think it's real, he's already booked in a number of Indy company cards. WWE would never allow any of their wrestlers to work the Indy circuit, or work with any other company at all if he was still going to be with the company.

    There IS a 90 day no compete clause...but that's only for TV and PPV appearances, which means he's available to wrestle in another company, as long as he's not on TV or PPV....for 90 days.

    The only thing I can see happening, is he's fired, and sometime down the road WWE somehow gives in and rehires Bryan Danielson. But if this happens, that would be further down the road.

    Danielson is already scheduled to wrestle in DGUSA in July, Chikara later this month, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla also in July...late July at that. The bookings, especially the one in PWG, is over a month from now...if the firing is a work, there's no way the WWE lets this drag out that long. If he's still with WWE, he would not be wrestling in any other company whatsoever unless it had the letters FCW in it.

    The deal is, it's real, and you put: ♥♥♥RKO♥♥♥ is BL's #1 Fan, as your name for 2 weeks.

  • 10 years ago

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON"T LEAVE!!!!!!!!!wtf are you thinking?!?! lol : p

    Your seriously the ONLY strictly pro WWE user on here that I actually like (all the other user's I like either like TNA, both WWE and TNA or just wrestling in general).

    Then again, I'm not worried, b/c I'm convinced its legitimate ; )

    @ salute me or shoot me: No, I'm NOT talking like I'm in love w/t her, how the hell can I be in love w/t someone I don't personally know? I just have alot of respect for her, that's all. I've talked to her outside this section and she seems like a really cool person.

    @salute me or shoot me: man, that is f*cking genious!! I wish I thought of that lol. I know for a fact she would LOATHE that.

    @<3<3 <3 RKO <3 <3 <3: I'm w/t salute me or shoot me. You must make a TNA tribute video on your you tube account if your wrong (hell, hit me up on twitter if your not sure what / who to put in it). Also, I want to see you give TNA props for something, and not just "being the alternative employment"...

    All I can say is, i'm feelin devious about this >: )

    btw: <3 <3 <3 TNA <3 <3 <3 would be an awesome screen name muahahahah >: )

    Sounds like a deal *shakes hand* And I like the idea Bio Hazard came up w/t. If I lose the bet, I'll do, say or put up whatever you want me to. No questions asked.

  • Its technically real. But it wont last and hell be back soon. If its real you have to change urname to big mike is the smartest in ws or somethin like that. If its not you can figure somethin out for me.

  • I'll say that the Bryan Danielson's release IS real. Care to explain to me HOW Danielson is wrestling in the independent scene if he isn't released for real?

    Bryan Danielson is already scheduled to wrestle at Dragon Gate USA on July 24th in their first anniversary. You can check for that. It's on the front page. I recently heard that Danielson will also be in Chikara against Eddie Kingston on June 26th as well. (right corner) is the source for that.

    WWE has the no competing for 90 days clause, but there is a curve to that. WWE said that you just can't wrestle in televised matches such as weekly TV show or PPV. Bryan Danielson is wrestling in a dark match at Dragon Gate and Chikara isn't televised from what I know of, so it makes sense to me. Since the WWE DID release him, Danielson CAN'T wrestle in a televised match, which shows because he's only competing in dark matches in the Indy's.

    Lastly, anyone who watches the WWE KNOWS that Vince will NEVER allow any of his superstars to compete in another promotion. WWE doesn't work with any other wrestling promotion on the planet. They have no talent exchanges like the other promotions. Vince McMahon doesn't cooperate with anyone. Have you seen any of his stars work for any other promotion while they were signed under him?

    EDIT: I feel like I'm killing the fun and if it's alright with you, I'll bet. If I'm right, you have to ask a wrestling question, but the details have to be the lyrics of Kumbaya (stupid, but I'm bored). I suggest you don't do it though because you might get reported.

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