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I believe inanimate objects have feelings and it really bothers me?

I believe inanimate objects have feelings, if i go to the store and buy milk and feel bad for all the other milk cartoons I didnt buy, they must feel unwanted. Or that if I break an object I hurt it, or hurt its feelings. I have many other examples but you get what I mean. It really bothers me and it makes me cry, is there a name for this and a treatment?

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    i used to feel that way about my toys. i would feel bad if i played with one toy or slept with one particular stuffed animal more than the others. i still wonder if the stuffed toys i have in the back of my closet are lonely :( anyways i would say your either really compassionate or have attachment issues.

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    Interesting question, They say that when the sun is in Libra then it is in Fall. If a planet is in Fall in a sign then it's properties will not be as strong so that Libras may have a less dominant ego. I think that if you have a libra sun you have to look more to what house the sun is in and what aspects the other planets make to it. For example I am a libra but my sun is conjunt Pluto so a lot of it's energy is coloured by pluto's influance.

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