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Why do Texas Tech Quarterbacks get screwed in the NFL draft?

Like Kliff KIingsburry was a great TTU QB. Also Graham Harrell was a Heisman trophy candidate (which he got screwed out of winning btw).


yeah i knew about kliffbury but idk where he is know nd the packers signed graham harrell 2 like a 2 year deal

Update 2:

oh yeah hey dude what about troy smith not that successful huh

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    Because Texas Tech quarterbacks have not proven themselves in the NFL. They put up great stats in college, but are mediocre or worse NFL quarterbacks. Despite the numbers Red Raiders quarterbacks have in college, to my knowledge there is not a single starting NFL quarterback who played for Texas Tech.

    One quarterback, out of a particular school or who played under a particular coach, who doesn't perform well in the NFL is an anomaly. Two quarterbacks raise questions and three or more indicates a trend. Until Texas Tech quarterbacks prove themselves in the NFL, the knock will be that they are system quarterbacks that don't have NFL-level skills.

  • Kliff KIingsburry Was with us for sometime and Graham Harrell did crap in the senior bowl and he doesn't really have that NFL Arm for a QB

    and it doesn't matter when you get drafted just be lucky that a team signs you

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    There isn't some conspiracy against spread QBs, they're just not good NFL prospects. Neither had NFL size, arm strength or experience with the responsibilities of NFL QBs. Spread offenses like the one run at Texas Tech make life VERY easy for their QBs and don't require them to pass from under center, read a defense, go through progressions and make legit NFL caliber throws, like the 20 yard out route.

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    Troy Smith was the most over rated QB in college history. Don't gimme any Heisman crap. Winning the Heisman's nothing more than an intense, successful public relations scam. And, yeah, Troy Smith's been REALLY successful. LMAO!

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    It has to do with Texas Tech's style of football. The Mad Scientist's "Air Raid" offense was designed to out score the opponent at all cost and was rather effective. The problem with the Air Raid is that no NFL teams use that style of football so when it comes to the draft they tend to get passed by players from schools who have proven that they can play in PRO STYLE offenses. USC benefits from this fact, while Texas Tech suffers because of this fact.

    P.S. I tried my best to not use the term "System QB's" in this response but I just couldn't make it LoL

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    Harrell didn't get screwed out of losing it, if you forgot the Sooners CRUSHED the Raiders. Now I think Colt McCoy should've won it since he beat the Sooners, and of course Tebow was their. And the reason is, the NFL isn't based on how you did in college. Just because you put up big numbers in college doesn't necessarily guarantee NFL success, see Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn, Vince Young, Lendale White, etc. for more info. on that.

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    it's because of the texas tech system. it allows the quarterback to make only 2-3 reads on every play so that even a trained monkey can put up huge numbers.

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    NFL wants you to be able to play under center.

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    they both were cut by CFL teams that should say something

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