How can you achieve success in baking?

I love cooking and baking different kinds of pastries but, I wonder how can I achieve success in baking? Do you have any ideas on how can you achieve success in baking. I really need sure and specific answers. Thanks guys. I know many of you are really smart when it comes to baking. Hoping for your kind answers.

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    You achieve success by trying and failing. Examining why something was terrible tells you a lot more than why something was great. Baking is all about chemistry. Literally. Regular chefs have to worry about how heat interacts with meat, how much salt to put in a sauce, etc. they can adjust things as it cooks. Bakers can't do that. You have to get it right before it goes in the oven. Regular cooks generally work by adding layers to things. Bakers have to work at the atomic level and understand how things react to each other. Understanding physics is the only way to understand baking. If you do it for 30 years under an expert, you will understand it without knowing why it happens. That's experience.

    Someone that you should refer to is Alton Brown. He understands and teaches. Get some of his books and study them. My grandfather owned a bakery that was renown in my neighborhood. He taught my mother very little because he believed that women ran the front of the store and men did the baking. My mother learned by watching, not by being taught. She made very good cakes and pastries, but she never learned the chemistry. Unfortunately, none of my uncles were interested.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention the neurotic adhearence to measures. The best bakers weigh flour, not measure it. One cup of flour that has been in a container for a year weighs a lot more than one cup of flour that was just poured in. Bakers today use digital scales and record everything that they do.

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    Lots of practice, and neurotically accurate measurements. In regular food, a teaspoon or so difference is not going to affect the finished product. In baking, its a whole other story. Also use an oven thermometer to validate the temp in different parts of the oven, and use a level to be sure the oven is level, and doesn't lean. Good Luck.

    PS if you live in a high altitude area, you must make some changes in the recipes as well.

    Source(s): Foodie Cook Mom to 2 chefs
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    practice, practice, practice!!!! llike anything else you must practice the art of baking to be good at it and achieve any success at all. Bake anything and everything, except box mixes. Any one can have success with those things.

    take your baked goods to church, to organizations, other meetings, get known as a terrific baker. Achieve small successes at a time.

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    Practice, practice, practice. Try different recipes and types of baked goods. Soon you will be very good at whipping up pastries. You can get recipes online easily.

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