Will Sid Meier's Pirates! Run On The HP Mini 2140?

Help Please?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hey, I'm having that same exact problem. I *think* it'll run maybe on the lowest detail setting but I'm still not sure. Our computer's (HP Mini) graphics card isn't really designed for running games and such but I think this one might work. The game requires Nvidia GeForce 3 or Radeon 8500 or higher.

    Intel GMA 950 (Our graphics cards) specs:

    400Mhz of Core frequency

    1.6 gigapixels per second

    10.9.GB/ second = Memory Bandwith

    And 2.0 Pixel Shader support.

    I believe Nvidia GeForce 3 works well with games released around 2001-2006.. The original Sid Meier's Pirates! game was released in 1987, so it will defiantly work. But I assume you're talking about the one released in 2004. My conclusion is; it will probably work... maybe on the lowest detail setting, but still probably work. I'm going to get the game soon anyways, so I'll tell you if it works so you don't have to waste your money (;.

    EDIT: i actually didn't get the game.. i saw zoo tycoon 2 there and just had to get it... haha sorry

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