Need This SUV/ TRUCK!!!?

Alright. I've been looking for months and I can't seem to find it. Im looking for a 2000- 07 Ford Ranger extended cab 4x4- automatic transmission- no rust- power windows- <100,000 miles. It could have like 110k but that would be the MAX. I would love a yellow one- but could settle for any color other than white or black. Any custom stuff would be awesome.

My other option is a 2001+ Ford Escape. The escape needs to have tinted windows, a sunroof, 4x4, auto transmission, power windows, no rust, and less than 100k miles. I would prefer cloth seats, but leather can be acceptable if in good condition. Again, would LOVE IT if it was yellow but any color is fine other than white or black. Also, any custom stuff is cool [:

Now for the price- it has to be less than 6,500 for the escape and the ranger. I only want one or the other- not both!! I guess I'd prefer the ranger over escape but I just need a car already!!!

Thank you to anyone who will help. Just let me know if you know of a SUV/ truck that would work for me. My zip is 53711. I could have the car shipped in but would prefer it to be local. thanks guys!!

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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