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how is learning to fly helicopters?

Do you do crazy things during your training like the spin for airplanes?


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    Challenging and FUN!!

    No aerobatics, but full touchdown autorotation practice is a thrill..

    Up to solo, most of the time is spent learning to hover, do takeoffs and landings, handle tail rotor failures, running landings, running takeoffs, hovering, straight in and 108 degree autorotations (engine failures).

    After solo, you learn other skills depending on the level of certificate you are seeking

    Confined space operations

    Pinnacle operations

    High altitude operations

    Off airport operations

    Slope landings

    Navigation - normal and low level

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    First, spin is not "crazy." It is a required maneuver for flight instructor applicants. The definition of a spin is "An aggravated stall that results in an airplane descending in a helical, or corkscrew path."

    As to helicopter training, there are a variety of maneuvers a pilot have to demonstrate competency on in order to get a pilot's certificate.

    The only maneuver that some people think is extreme would be an autorotation. That occurs when the helicopter have a total power failure and have to autorotate (glide) to a landing.

    It is simply a power-off landing and it is not dangerous. The definition is: "The condition of flight during which the main rotor is driven only by aerodynamic forces with no power from the engine."

    There is an FAA pub, "Rotorcraft Flying Handbook" online at:

    Source(s): Pilot with over 30,000 hours
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    Very expensive. In fact, one might call it "crazy expensive".

    There's a pretty good website here:

    Here is a copy of the Private Pilot Test Standards for Rotorcraft. It lists all the required maneuvers:

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