How can I convince my mom to let me buy an airgun/pellet gun?

I'm 13 and really want a pellet gun just for target shooting in my backyard. I have had airsoft guns for a couple of years and have never gotten into any trouble with them. My mom just thinks its a waste of money because I already have airsoft to shoot targets with. The pellet gun that I want is on sale for 25% off this week only, so I want to buy it while its still on sale.

This is the gun I want:

She just keeps saying she's not sure it if's a good idea or not.

So pleeeaseee How can I convince my mom to let me buy a pellet gun?

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  • M.A.W.
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    10 years ago
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    Tell her you will only aim at little kids and lizards

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  • 3 years ago

    actual i wouldnt spend the money on that gun. perhaps its a good one yet they declare its pushing the pellet at 450fps so its actualy in all probability extra like 4 hundred. maximum airsoft weapons shoot that rapid. you may evaluate finding for one that shoots somewhat swifter or only stick to the airsoft. yet so some distance as convincing her. tell her air rifles dont fill the decrease back backyard with billions of vibrant plastic little bbs. yet another factor is a minimum of here interior the U.S. yet once you get good at taking photographs an air rifle you are able to compete in competitions and stuff. thats so a lot extra efficient than enjoying videogames

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  • conwyt
    Lv 5
    10 years ago

    Tell her you will not shoot your eye out

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