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Anonymous asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 1 decade ago

Names: if you had to use 26 letters same intials girls?

A____ A____

B____ B____

C____ C____

D____ D____

E____ E____

F ____ F____

G____ G ____

H_____ H_____

I______ I_____

J______ J_____

K______ K_____

L______ L______

M_____ M_____

N_____ N_____

O_____ O_____

P_____ P_____

Q_____ Q_____

R_____ R_____

S_____ S_____

T_____ T_____

U_____ U_____

V_____ V_____

W_____ W_____

X_____ X_____

Y_____ Y_____

Z_____ Z_____


i mean if you had a name list like this

Update 2:

first and middle

9 Answers

  • 1 decade ago
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    Amelia Avery

    Brianna Beth

    Camilla Carter

    Delilah Daisy

    Emiley Emme

    Fiona Frances

    Georgianna Grace

    Hannah Hope

    Isabel Ingrid

    Jessica Jay

    Kaylee Kat

    Lilac Lynn

    Mariah May

    Naoimi Noah

    Olivia Opel

    Penolopie PIe

    Quinn Quinn

    Riley Rae

    Sammy Sue

    Taylor Tie

    Umma Ura

    Vannesa Valerie

    Wendy Wu


    Youngone Yap

    Zoey Zay

  • 1 decade ago

    Addison Anne

    Bailey Bianca

    Charlotte Camille

    Devra Danielle

    Emily Elisabeth

    Farah Fallon

    Gracelynn Georgia

    Halle Hilary

    Isla Isabelle

    Jocelyn Jada

    Kelly Kristine

    Lorelai Lee

    Maite Mae

    Natalie Naomi

    Olivia Opal

    Pia Penelope

    Quenby Quin

    Rylan Rachel

    Samantha Sareh

    Tracy Tabitha

    Uma Ulanda

    Victoria Violet

    Willow Waverly

    Xannon Xava

    Yeardley Yael

    Zaida Zaidy

  • 1 decade ago

    Ariana Alexi

    Bianca Brianne

    Candice Carson

    Dakota Danielle

    Elisabeth Emilia

    Francisca Freida

    Gabriella Gianna

    Hailey Hannah

    Isabella Irena

    Jessalyn Jamie

    Kaitlyn Kylie

    Liliana Lisette

    Madison Marie

    Nadia Natalia

    Olivia Octavia

    Peyton Patricia

    Quinn ?

    Rachel Raine

    Sari Shane

    Talia Tristan

    U ?

    Valeria Vanessa

    Winter Willow

    Xeomara Xena

    Yasmin Yesenia

    Zamora Zaine

  • 1 decade ago

    Ava Alexandra.

    Brigette Breeann.

    Carly Catherine.

    Daveny Danielle.

    Emily Elizabeth.

    Faye Francesca.

    Grace Genevieve.

    Hailey Harper.

    Ivy Isabella.

    Jesslyn Jane.

    Kelsey Kathleen.

    Leah Lorraine.

    Mikaila Michelle.

    Natalie Noelle.

    Olivia Oakley.

    Paige Penelope.

    Quinn Quiana.

    Rachel Reese.

    Sienna Sage.

    Tessa Taylor.

    Ulani Ursa.

    Victoria Valkyrie.

    Willow Winterlyn.

    Xylina Xannon.

    Yolanda Yvonne.

    Zella Zahara.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Allegra Analiese

    Brielle Bellamy

    Candace Clementine

    Daphne Delilah

    Elena Emery

    Flynn Fedella

    Gwendolyn Grace

    Heidi Hazel

    Illiana Ingrid

    Jezebel Journey

    Kiersten Kail

    Larissa Laken

    Millie Maeve

    Normandy Nyx

    Odette Odella

    Poppy Pollyana

    Quincy Quinn- This was a hard letter.

    Ransom Renee

    Sissela (SIS-uh-lah) Sinclair

    Tangela Tate

    Utah Unity- Hard as well.

    Valerie Vespera

    Wren Winifred

    Xola Xing

    Yasmin Yoko

    Zophia Zuri

    That was funn! (:

  • Audrey Amelia ♥

    Beatrice Bridget

    Claudia Claire ♥

    Delilah Diane ♥

    Eleanor Esme ♥

    Fiona Felicity

    Gemma Grace ♥

    Helen Hope ♥

    Imogen Iris

    Juliet Jenna ♥

    Kira Karen

    Leah Lily ♥

    Madeline Molly

    Natasha Noelle ♥

    Ophelia Olive

    Penelope Paige

    Quinn Quinna (ugh)

    Rachel Rosalie ♥

    Sophia Summer ♥

    Talia Tessa

    Uma Ura (ugh)

    Victoria Vanessa

    Willow Winter

    Xara Xanthe (ugh)

    Yaria Yuma

    Zoe Zara

    Some of these actually turned out pretty well! My favorites are Audrey Amelia, Delilah Diane, Eleanor Esme, and Helen Hope.

  • 1 decade ago

    Amelia Amy

    Bethany Bee

    Cathrine Caty

    Daisy Delilah

    Emily Emma

    Fiona Florence

    Gage Gloria

    Hannah Hope

    Isabella Ingrid

    Jessica Jayla

    Kaylee Katherine

    Lindsay Lily

    Mariah Maddie

    Natalie Naomi

    Ory Olympia

    Patricia Patty

    Queen Q

    Rachael Ray

    Sofia Sydonee

    Taylor Talola


    Valerie Victoria

    Wendy Wanda


    Yasmine Youngone

    Zoey Zap

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  • 1 decade ago

    Wouldn't have 26 children all with 2 names consistent with the alphabet...LOL :)

  • Shunny
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    First and last names, or first and middle?

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