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Texas Christian University?

Hey All,

I'm going to be a senior in high school this fall and I'm extremely interested in TCU, in particular the business program. I'm a creative person so I feel marketing would best suit me. Does anyone have any feedback on the marketing program?

I'm also interested in the sororities. Can someone be real with me and give me a "price list" so to speak and kind of a low down on the sororities there? I honestly don't know if I could afford something like that on TCU's tuition. Any other information would be really appreciated! Thanks guys :)

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    You should go through the greek life website.

    If you go through recruitment you'll have to meet all the sororities, you can make your judgments then. TCU is very greek and you'll need recommendations. Check out the sorority recruitment section of

    "Pledged" is poorly researched (if researched at all) anti Greek propaganda. There are numerous other more honest books on greek life.

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    Texas Christian University Sororities

  • TCU is a very "Greek" school, but I can't imagine any girl entering a sorority unless she likes to be bullied and humiliated, or wants to have her behind paddled.

    Source(s): Alexandra Robbins' splendid book Pledged.
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