I pre-ordered an apple iphone 4. what happens next?

I have pre-ordered my iphone 4 from my local at&t store and have already got an email confirmation stating "Thank you for your recent order. Your iPhone has been reserved and is expected to ship on or after June 24, 2010. Your order details as well as activation instructions are included below." I have a confirmation number. When will it be shipped and does apple or at&t ship it. Will i receive it on the 24th or later. I know many people wont know the answer, but if anyone has a guess it will be much appreciated.


I live in Pennsylvania

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  • 10 years ago
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    they will probably ship it that day. But the day you receive it depends on how far away you live from the factory place in California. I'm pretty sure apple ships it

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  • ewa
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    3 years ago

    They have already got six hundred,000 pre-orders and the shipment and there have been delays all the thank you to July 14 with the aid of fact of a few matters. i'm guessing they are going to be bought out very quickly. "Even worse, Apple reported this is going to ought to push returned the iPhone 4's transport schedule. for individuals who weren't waiting to pre-order an iPhone 4 and %. it up on June 24, they're going to ought to attend till Apple ships greater iPhone 4s by ability of July 14. Apple shops would have some iPhone 4s in inventory on June 24. of direction, putting out day for Apple iPhones is infamous for its long strains."

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