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Dr. Zakir naik's reply to the UK ban?


Following on from recent malicious and specious reports in the British media about my work, a press release was issued dated 11th June 2010.

Further to this I am disappointed to learn the British Government has decided to exclude me from coming to the United Kingdom to conduct a Peace Conference Tour between 25th-27th June 2010.

Despite this I intend to continue my work of interfaith dialogue; Coming together upon common terms with other people and faith groups to promote a greater understanding of the binding strands existing between the faiths, whilst dispelling fears, suspicions and misconceptions about the beautiful faith of Islam, that have been created by a media frenzy of Islamophobia.

I encourage all Muslims to serve their country with dignity and honour and my message to vulnerable young British Muslims is that terrorism and violent extremism, is totally unacceptable and has no place in Islamic life.

I would urge the British Government to permit the Peace Conference Tour to continue as scheduled and assist in the promotion of Peace and social harmony, whilst upholding the values of freedom and justice.

Dr Zakir Naik - 17th June 2010



Q :

Anyone making dua to make a change in this problem? anything can happen if allah (swt) wills. Are you guys making Dua?


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    It's a non issue as far as I am concerned, No I don't hate the guy but I have studied his lectures and find his methods deceiving, on average he misrepresent Islam, he basically has chosen to sell his soul for recognition. Anybody who advocates the age of marriage to be 9 is no less than a criminal in my book and for those who wants to teach me on this particular issue please don't, I have researched it to death and ''so and so said so'' does not wash with me unless they come in fours and I am free to cross question them in light of God's injunctions, in separate rooms, to remove all possibilities of inconsistency in their reporting. That is the minimum Quranic standard.

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    I have watched many of his lectures. All contain nothing but hate speech. Even good tolerant Muslims start this think in a fundamentalist way when they listen to his lectures. Another fact is that he never answers any question from the audience. His answers are exactly like that of a politician.

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    Mere khuda se dua hain ki Dr Zakir sahab par lagi UK pabandi khatem ho aur wo ise tarha allah aur deen i islam ki ise tarah khadmat karain Aameen, Yeh sab islam ko rokne ki ek nakaam koshish hain

    aur insha Allah Dr Zakir Naik ismain zaroor kamyaab hongain.


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    Definitely yes, because almost his video was so far so good and i don't have any disagreement with his lecture....its more benifited to the whole human kind as a whole. If i have a chance to ask Theresa i could dare her to point out in which word she disagreed with what Dr. naik speech. But its should have the right context.

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    He could cause more problems to the world by promoting hate speech. My opinion is that the entire Europe should ban him.

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    Dr Zakir Naik is being quoted out of context. This is one of the tricks of media, they twist the facts and blow them out of proportion.Because he is spreading the message of truth that is why he is being targeted by those who propagate falsehood and bring chaos to this world.Many people including me are inspired by him. He is banned from UK because he is preaching Islam (the only solution to humanity) logically,scientifically and with reasoning and no one can dare to defy him. Furthermore,there is exponential growth in his fans especially in Pakistan and India, and around the world.This, the infidels don't want to see.For IRF's clarification on this report click the following link;

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    thers zakir naiks 'journey of faith' in canada too

    and canadian govt thinking of him as radical.

    Dude you know barelvis and shias in india opposed zakir naik for saying that "grave worship" and asking dua to anyone besides Allah is shirk. media made him look radical for this and for his view on osama.

    his view wasnt even WRONG.

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    Heres the double standers of freedom of speech

    Youtube thumbnail

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    just cut and pasting bits of their choices i have you dr zakir naik reflects the muslims of 21 century. kids today who have grown up know him. I have a LLB LAW DEGREE IN LONDON. i have been within the education system, and i have you that dr zakir naik is a wonderful individual i have watched all his lectures.. Don't be fooled by what the media says dr zakir naik is like a father to many individuals. I am 21 years of age, we are infurirated by THRESA MAYE DECISION CLERY WE KNOW WHAT BRIGHT FUTURE SHE HAS FOR BRITAIN OUR SO CALLED HOME Secretary. I and many muslims in london the capital will do our best for Dr Zakir Naik for his reputation as a muslim following the quran and the sunnah. May allah be my witness and those of you reading y message wake up muslims of today, if they allow the ban of him today in the UK, THEY WILL BAN THE SCARF, THE BURKAH,NAMAZ AND EVENTUALLY QURAN. THose of you who have wide access to the internet spread the word about the ban. I AM ABSOLUETLY DISGUSTED BY THIS, WE ARE INTELLECTS AND Insha'allah through our conduct and attitudes people will understand what islam is at its essence. I want to also say people like britney spears should be banned for televesion the amount of indecency she shows, look at the so called dove adverts advertised half naked women, saying that women are liberated. I am a musli woman, i wear hijab, jilbab i am not choosing not to exploit myself for my own dignity and respect i know ppl make mistakes in life but their is always time to change. we are in the world for a set periode of time use your time wisely. I URGE ALL MUSLIMS TO UNITE WHATEVER TYPE OF MUSLIM. Don't let them devide us amongst ourselves. And put ur pride and egos aside for the sake of allah. They are trying the devide and rule. they did it with iraq, afghanistan, there are talks about pakistan and eventually iran. slowly by slowly they are trying to get every muslim country just you watch it happen. Don't let be it at your doorstep. keep an eye out, remember your children parents friends and family weather they be a muslim or a non muslim they are being brought up in soceity they should be accepted for who they are as muslims. OUR SCARFS OUR BEARDS REPRESENT WHO WE ARE, AS MUSLIM. WE TAKE ISLAM AS A whole not in parts. Dawah is important and every muslim, human being will be accountable for their actions. Allah will ask what you did in this world for the sake of allah say we have spoken against our oppressors. They say muslims are terrorist say no, we only believe in the words of the quran and the sunnah. Remember what prophet (S.A.W) WENT THROUGH HE WAS PELTED WITH STONES. HE MADE DUA TO ALLAH AT TAIF & ANGEL JIBERIL SAID DO U WANT ME TO COLLIDE THE MOUNTAINS AND MESSENGER SAID NO EVENTHOGGH HE COULD HAVE HAD REVENGE BUT HE SAID THEY MAY HAVE BELIEVERS THAT MAY DECEND FROM THIS LAND. Patience is a virtue. Also don't cast our faiths as one muslims are separate from the christian and jews faith. despite our prayers all been answered by allah. Islam is a Haq. May allah sabanwatallah guide us all and make dua for brothers and sisters. May allah forgive me for any wrong deed i have done as ali am struggling like the rest. MAKE DUA FOR ME ALL OF YOU WHO READ THIS. Ameen allah-kuwakbar!

  • Asalaam alikum

    thank you for posting this,I wanted to hear from him

    I feel sad they banned him.

    Inshallah he can continiue his tour in other countries.

    I enjoy his talks.

    People call him an extremist when half of them have never even listened to his talks.

    May Allah reward him

    Source(s): and yes Im making dua
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