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can i get my own bbp for a second hand blackberry?

Im buying a blackberry off my friend, i already know that you have to be on contract to get a BBP which i already am on, so i was wondering if i can get a new BBP or if i have to use the one she originally had?

Also, can i get a BBP using my sim in this second hand phone?

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  • 10 years ago
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    You should buy or add BB Plan to your sim,not use her plan on your device.Before you can use the BB with your own BB Plan,your friend have to inform her carrier that her BB will be used by another customer OR on another carrier if you re not on the same carrier.Its because,beside simcard,BB use its unique PIN to register to a network.If a BB PIN is registered already with certain simcard (cellphone number/user),it wont be able to register anymore,unless the previous owner cancell the plan.

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  • kuhle
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    3 years ago

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