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Massive gas bubble forming under the well head in the Gulf of Mexico Can you confirm or disprove this?

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According to Richard C. Hoagland, insider sources in BP and in U.S. Government say that there is a Gas Bubble 15-20 Miles across 10+ feet high near BP's oil well head in Gulf of Mexico. It may cause an explosion with Apocalyptic proportions in weeks or months. The pressure at the well is 100.000 PSI and when the Gas explodes it will be like Mt. St. Helens going off underwater. It will create a Cloud of Death and a Tsunami Wave traveling at 400-600 MPH sinking all Vessels around the area as well as drive all hazardous materials including the Oil inland. More.


OK tell me why the above is impossible unlikely or or or


Tell me where I can go to try to confirm this --- or disprove it


Grace --- if this exists -- gas bubbles like any other bubble will rise -- if it methane benzine or a number of any other poison gases -- it does not need to explode to kill people

Imagine one big huge burp from the earth's core of sulfate

I wouldn't light a cigarette around it if I were you

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    That is baloney.

    Richard Hoagland often makes these hysterical claims that later turn out to be false.

    The media love Richard Hoagland because he creates these silly stories that scare the daylights out of people. the media make money selling the stories by Richard Hoagland.

    when the story later turns out to have been false, the story by Richard Hoagland is long forgotten and Richard Hoagland is busy fabricating a new story.

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    There could be a gas bubble, would additionally be an explosion. All that methane down there hasn't shown up on the outdoors yet so a strategies as i'm conscious. As for Hoagland, I used to think of particularly some him yet i've got come to have my doubts. He became a NASA PR guy some time past, later got here to make particularly some claims approximately artifacts on the moon, the 'face' on mars and different claims of historic habitations and events showing up on p.c.. taken from orbit or in the process techniques to the moon. i've got regarded at particularly some them, studied them intimately. the two he's a intense crank, wherein case something he says with regard to the Gulf of Mexico is barely authentic by applying accident, or he's telling the certainty and particularly some human beings are mendacity by their tooth. particularly some human beings would desire to be mendacity by their tooth and nevertheless leaving him mendacity by his, for that count. I waffle on all of it.

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    for the sake of argument... if it's true... they probably wouldn't tell us... at least yet... so, it would be very hard to prove or disprove... unless you're a gov. or BP scientist...

    the only thing is... we have oil drilling there... right?

    wouldn't that relieve the pressure and get the gas out?

    and it's very doubtful it's contiguous... or all together... there would be bubbles and holes (I mean it's the earth, not smooth interior of a gas tank...)... so, it all wouldn't blow at once... and under that much water, the force wouldn't be that strong...

    I'm not saying it would be "nothing"... but I don't think it would form a massive tidal wave that would hurt many people...

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    If the well head pressure was 100,000 pounds per square inch, coming out of even a 6 inch drill pipe (not the 21 inch riser), the force created would be 11,304,000 pounds of force.

    There is no way that they would have gotten a cap into that stream without it ending on the freakin moon.

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    Well, where is the oxygen needed to ignite all that gas going to come from a mile below the waves?

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    Looks like Obama will be the worst president since Carter, after the gulf implodes, and the tsunami wipes out 3 or 4 states

    Maybe then Obama's best friend Salazar, the idiot in charge of approving this well, will be brought up on charges of murder

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    this is true, the media has blocked out the fact that the air moniters on the coast are picking this gas up

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    This is kind of scary...

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