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How can i get from Portugal with airplane to South Korea?

I';m not even from Portugal but this is where i stay for the moment.I looked at their airline company TAP but there is not even a map with the voos.

Any sugestions and how much it costs and all?

I want serious answers please.

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    You cannot fly with TAP Air Portugal direct, so look into Air France (via Paris), TAP connecting to Asiana (via London or Frankfurt), KLM (via Amsterdam) or Lufthansa (via Munich or Frankfurt).

    Without knowing when exactly you want to travel, nobody can give you a price. Random dates in September are bringing up fares of £751.90 with Air France, which is equivalent to €899.90. To me, that seems a little on the steep side, but shop around and you might save a little.

    EDIT: Further to Diogo's reply, I would suggest that you do not travel with a low cost airline to one European city, before connecting to another Seoul-bound flight. Low cost airlines will not allow you to connect to your next flight, so you will face the hassle of having to collect your baggage and then heading back to check-in again, plus I am not convinced you will make much of a saving. Book your trip on one booking and have your bags checked all the way to Seoul. Also, if you travel on one booking and your first flight is delayed or cancelled, the airlines will look after you. If you choose to book separately (be it with a low cost airline or not) and something happens, resulting in you missing the onward flight, you will most likely have to book another, which will be extremely expensive at the last minute.

    Also, Diogo's price seems to have been plucked out of thing air. My first search of Expedia - using random dates - brought up that fare for a little under €800.. very nearly half what Diogo "guesses".

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    Here is the map:

    There is no direct flights to South Korea, so you ought to fly to London, Paris or Frankfurt by a low cost (try easyjet, aigle azur etc..) or by a normal airline like TAP.. and from there you can go to Seoul. I`d guess it costs about 1500€. Good luck and have a nice journey.

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