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Does anyone know the exact eye color choices in Dragon Age Origins?

It's hard for me to tell what some of the eye colors are when I'm creating my main character; I play DAO on the Xbox 360.

Does anyone have a definitive, accurate LIST of the ACTUAL colors, starting at the beginning of the slider and going all of the way from left to right?

For example: I once picked the third eye color (( i.e. I moved the slider over twice from it's starting point at the far left of the meter )) because I thought it was BLACK. When I got to see a close-up of my character during a cutscene, however, I discovered that his eyes were, in fact, DARK BLUE. I don't want a repeat of this again. I especially have trouble telling if there even ARE any monochromatic colors available, like WHITE, GRAY, or BLACK.

Please, don't tell me things like 'Eye color doesn't even matter that much.' or 'Why not find out for yourself instead of asking on the internet?' or anything like. And please, no snobbish, stupid comments - if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Really, why reply if you're just going to be an asshole?

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    Even with my nice HD it's hard for me to tell as well. I don't know the names for eye colors, but I will do my best to describe their predominant colors. The colors from left to right are:

    1. Shiny gray with a bit of white mixed in.

    2. A very faded blue. Almost looks gray, but their is too much blue mixed in for it to be considered gray.

    3. As you stated, this one is definitely dark blue.

    4. An even mixture of blue and green (whatever the name of that color is, I think aqua?)

    5. Faded green. Almost like green found on leaves but the leaf has started to fade and die, but isn't quite dead yet. I just looked it up and the name for that eye color is hazel.

    6. Very light reddish brown. Almost like faded clay.

    7. This one is a deep orangeish brown. The orange color actually shows up a bit more than the brown color.

    8. This one is just straight up brown. No guessing there.

    9. This one is a medium tone grey. Not too bright, but not too dark either. Just a nice solid gray.

    10. This one is going to be the closest thing to black for you. It is an extremely deep gray. It is borderline black, but just not quite there. If you are looking for black (I am assuming you are since that is why you accidentally picked dark blue) I would suggest the last one. It is very very close to black.

    Obviously all of my answers are open to interpretation. However, hopefully that helps you pick the color you are looking for. Enjoy the game, I know I sure did.

    Source(s): I own the game and for the same system.
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    This has been bugging me since I first played Dragon Age. Can we get a little light in the character generation room please?!

    Apparently not, so tonight I created eleven new chars using Dalish Elf since they start outside - theres a nice spot near a tree in the first little clearing that has an extra splash of light in it.

    What I found matches up well with MetalX35's answer, although on my PC I've got eleven spots on the eye color slider, making number six dead-center.

    1) cool grey

    2) faded blue

    3) dark blue

    4) aqua

    5) green

    6) walnut brown

    7) light brown

    8) chestnut brown

    9) dark brown

    10) warm grey

    11) black

    I'm a bit iffy on the definitions of "walnut" and "chestnut", but make yourself a Dalish Elf with big eyes if you want to nail down your favorite brown.

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