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Issit possible for a foreigner like me to become a kpop idol ?

i've been obessed with kpop for 2 years now and i dunno issit possible for a foreigner like me to become one ~ and im muslim ~ issit possible ? i dun really like negative comments ~


im very good at dancing and i wanna join YG not SM ;) tnx

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    Why not try and audition? You won't find out if you don't.. Who knows you could be the first Muslim kpop idol like Hangeng was the first Chinese kpop idol

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    I'll be honest. No.

    I have not heard of a single idol in korea being anything other than the holy trinity of East Asian countries (China, Japan, South Korea).

    Entertainment companies only accept asians or those who look VERY asian and if you're not korean, you must be VERY VERY skilled since they will have to teach you korean which is time and money consuming.

    Victoria from f(x) had exceptional dancing skill/aerobics and was actually already scouted in China before she moved into SM.

    Nickhun won some contest if I remember correctly and he was also bilingual (Thai and English) which is a great asset as well as the fact that it'll be easy for him to add a 3rd language if he already went through the process of learning 2. Plus he's considered very good looking.

    Please don't take this as offense, it's just better for you not to waste your time. You can try becoming an entertainer in your country or the USA, but it won't work in Korea.

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    It is quite possible if you are really talented in singing and dancing. There are auditions for companies like JYP and SM that are open to all nationalities. Unfortunately, there aren't any YG auditions, and usually only Koreans make it into that company.

    Good Luck!

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    It's possible because foreigners have become famous as k-pop idols in S. Korea before.

    Such a girl from f(x) who is Chinese, and Nichkhun from 2PM who is Thai/Chinese.

    As for you.. It is quite difficult for a muslim to become popular in Korea as they are usually frowned apon. (I'm really sorry if this offends you). If you want to be a k-pop idol here in Korea and are muslim, you must be very good in your skills. Such as dancing and singing and you must aswell be pretty/beautiful especially if you are signing for SM entertainment.

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    If you are pretty, there is a program for foreign women who can speak Korean, they are pretty popular, I think some Muslim women too, the programme is "chit chat with beautiful ladies" it is on KBS.

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    Yes you can. And all those people who said they only want Asians and Muslims are frowned upon. There is a first time for everything.

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    I know some k-pop artists come from China.

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    HECK YA! victoria from fx is chinese and so is amber, nickhun is from thailand and hangeng from SUJU is chinese and they made it big too. YG will be supr lucky to have a great dancer like you :)

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    Frankly no.

    They look for Asians and as far as I know, Muslim people do not look Asian whatsoever.

    Source(s): look it up on SM official website. It clearly states that they want Asians.
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    To be honest, your chances are very slim to zero...

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