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Do you think that the message of the song Hotel California is, in essence, a way of describing Hell or Heaven?

or all they both one in the same?

You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.


Pardon me, I meant are not all.

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    It makes me think of ghosts and death too:

    "So I called up the captain / 'Please bring me my wine' / He said, 'We haven't had that spirit here since 1969.'"

    I always thought it was about drugs or a recovery clinic of some sort.

    On the surface, the song tells the tale of a weary traveler who becomes trapped in a nightmarish luxury hotel that at first appeared inviting and tempting, but he can't kick the habit so to speak.

    The song is an allegory about hedonism and self-destruction in the Southern California music industry of the late 1970s.

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    I suppose it could be. I thought it was about drug abuse when I was a kid and some fundies I went to school with gave me some pamphlets that claimed it was about Satanism.

    But.... I'd bet dollars to donuts it's about the evils the music industry. It seems every band has a song like that and that's what it sounds like to me. It does have a haunting quality to it and though I've heard it a million times, I still really like it that song.

    edit - damn, should've read Glow's answer first. :)

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    I was finally able to check out last November..Good thing too, the Hotel and I were both getting pretty run down.


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    Yes, like every other bimbo that has answered this question, I answer that it is about drugs. Sheesh, I thought everyone knew that! I've known that since I was, like, 12. No offense to anyone. xD Just so you know. Whoo. The Eagles. <333 "Mr. Robot-o."

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  • Ryan
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    Yeah, it sounds like Hell to me. Hotels give me the creeps anyway.

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    It sounds horribly claustrophobic.

    I think they're describing some kind of Hotel.

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    The last verse is one that always gets me.

    "There was nothing on the boob tube

    So I called Malibu Ken

    He brought condoms, rum, and lube

    And said 'Let the fun begin!' "

    Source(s): So I think it's about hedonism and multiple orgasms.
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    sounds like hell. but then so does heaven. and i love hotels and i'm a total freak! lol

  • It's about drug addiction, seriously. Listen to it again and think about drug addiction.

    EDIT: Looks like I'm 3rd to mention drug addiction... late to the party eh?

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    WTF. I'm freaked out by just hearing about it.

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